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Queensland University of Technology

Brisbane, Australia

  • Cost of LivingAU$ 19,032
  • Tuition Fee FromAU$ 15,000
  • Country Rank#13
  • Batch Strength36,366
  • Global Diversity18%
  • Gender Ratio46 : 54



Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a public research university located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia's major coastal metropolis of Brisbane. Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove are the two Brisbane-area campuses where the university is situated. The Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) was transformed into a university in 1989 by the Queensland University of Technology Act 1988, and the ensuing Queensland University of Technology began operations in January 1989. This is how the university currently exists. Brisbane College of Advanced Education and QUT joined in 1990.


Queensland University of Technology’s acceptance rate stands at 44% with around 50,000 students enrolled at the university with international students from over 119 countries. On September 28, 2018, the university ceased its membership in the Australian Technological Network of Institutions.


Queensland University Of Technology Acceptance Rate

QUT is a moderately competitive institution, with an acceptance rate of 75% acceptance. This suggests that out of 100 applicants around 75 are accepted to the university, this includes around 8,442 international students from over 122 different countries.



QS World University Ranking 2024:

Queensland University of Technology has shown excellence by securing =199 spot on the global scale.

According to the Times Higher Education Global University Rankings and Excellence in Research for Australia, QUT is among the top 10 universities in Australia. According to various international university rankings, including the Academic Ranking of World Universities, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and QS World University Rankings, the university is consistently ranked among the top 12 universities in Australia and among the top 1% of all universities worldwide.


The Times Higher Education World University Rankings named QUT the finest university in Australia for students under the age of 50 in their Top 100 Under 50 Years Global Young University Rankings category in 2013. The university was ranked first in Australia and 26th globally in that category. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed it second in Australia both times and ranked it 28th globally in THE Top 150 Under 50 Years World Young University Rankings category in 2016 and 24th globally in THE Top 200 Under 50 Years World Young University Rankings category in 2017. According to THE Top 250 Under 50 years Global Young University Rankings for 2018, the university is rated 20th overall. In both the 2019 and 2020 QS Top 50 Under 50 years Global Young University Rankings, the university is rated 19th overall. Here are some of Queensland University of Technology rankings in 2022 & 2023 -


  • 101st - 200th in Times Higher Education World Impact Rankings 2022
  • 201st - 250th in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023
  • 171st in the US News & World Report Global Rankings 2023
  • 12th in the US News & World Report Rankings (Australia and New Zealand) 2023
  • 11th in the US News & World Report National Rankings 2023


Course Rankings:

More than a hundred different fields of study are available for study at QUT, spread across seven faculties. Business, engineering, medicine, law, the arts, social sciences, agriculture, and sciences are just a few of the well-liked courses offered at the university. The rated courses are as follows: THE places the university's PG Business & Economics and PG Computing programmes in the 101 - 125 area for 2021. Business courses saw a drop from #85 in 2020, while computer science courses also saw a drop in their rankings. The range of THE's rankings for PG Engineering & Technology courses for the years 2021 and 2020 is between 151 and 175 points. Take a look at some of Queensland University of Technology course rankings in 2022 & 2023 -


Science Courses 2022 & 2023

  • ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Mathematics (2022): #301 - 400
  • QS - Pharmacy & Pharmacology (2022): #151 - 200
  • QS - Physics and Astronomy (2022): #401 - 450
  • QS - Biological Sciences (2022): #201 - 250
  • QS - Mathematics (2022): #151 - 200
  • Times Higher Education - Life Sciences (2023): #176 - 200
  • Times Higher Education - Psychology (2023): #301 - 400


Humanities Courses 2022 & 2023

  • ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Sociology (2022): #151 - 200
  • QS - Communication and Media Studies (2022): #15
  • QS - Art & Design (2022): #151 - 100
  • QS - Sociology (2022): #151 - 200
  • Times Higher Education - Arts & Humanities (2023): #176 - 200


Business Courses 2022 & 2023

  • QS - Accounting & Finance (2022): #101 - 150
  • Times Higher Education - PG Business & Economics (2023): #126 - 150


Engineering Courses 2022 & 2023

  • QS - Architecture & Built Environment (2022): #51 - 100
  • QS - Engineering & Technology (2022): #156
  • QS - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering (2022): #151 - 200
  • Times Higher Education - Engineering (2023): #151 - 175


Medicine Courses 2022 & 2023

  • ARWU - Nursing (2022): #19
  • QS - Medicine (2022): #151 - 200
  • Qs - Nursing (2022): #30
  • Times Higher Education - Clinical & Health (2023): #176 - 200


Law Courses 2022 & 2023

  • ARWU - Law (2022): #151 - 200
  • QS - Law (2022): #151 - 200
  • Times Higher Education - Law (2023): #176 - 200


Computers Courses 2023

  • Times Higher Education - PG Computer Science: #126 - 150


QS Ranks

US News Ranks








QUT is located in Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove, both 2 kilometres to the north of the city. Both of these sites offer programmes in a variety of academic fields. Below is a list of the specifics of the disciplines taught at each location and the Queensland University of Technology facilities available -


  • The colleges of Creative Industries, Health, and Education are housed on the university’s main campus, which is in Kelvin Grove.
  • The Business, Law, Science, and Engineering faculties are located on the Gardens Point campus, which is in the heart of Brisbane.
  • At the university's Canberra Executive Education Centre in Deakin, many business and professional development courses are provided.
  • A range of facilities are available on and around each of the university's campuses, including libraries, collaborative learning spaces, sports facilities, nearby restaurants and shops, entertainment venues, etc.
  • The Kelvin Grove campus has a pool, stadium, gym, workout lounge, student sports groups, and other sporting and leisure amenities.

Notable Alumni

Gigi Edgley
Gigi Edgley
Peter Dutton
Peter Dutton
Australian Politician
Marion Grasby
Marion Grasby



Queensland University Of Technology Entry Requirements

Throughout the year, applications through the QUT Application Portal are accepted. Admission criteria vary by programme. For admission, an online application, a AU$ 100 application fee, and all relevant supporting documents must be submitted within the time frame given. Students can use the University Application Portal or apply through the university representatives. Here are some of Queensland University of Technology entry requirements -

  • Transcripts from previous educational institutes
  • Certificates from the most recent educational qualification are awarded.
  • Documents issued in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English translation.
  • Evidence of English proficiency
  • Identification documents such as a passport, national identity card, and so on.
  • Auditions, interviews, or portfolio submissions may be necessary.
  • Three years of full-time work experience is required for the MBA programme.
  • A minimum GMAT score of 550 is required for the MBA programme.
  • Recommendation letter



Queensland University Of Technology Fees


Take a look at Queensland University of Technology fees for some of the popular courses -

  • Master of Public Health: AU$ 31,700 (per year)
  • Master of Science (Data Analytics): AU$ 34,100 (per year)
  • Bachelor of Nursing: AU$ 36,300 (per year)
  • Master of Information Technology: AU$ 34,700 (per year)
  • Master of Business (Applied Finance): AU$ 33,100 (per year)
  • Master of Architecture: AU$ 34,700 (per year)


Queensland University Of Technology Placements


Queensland of Technology Placements & Career services provides its graduates with considerable employment help. The university hosts career fairs as well as faculty-specific events, such as the Education Stepping Out Conference, Science and Engineering Careers, and Business School Careers Fair. The institute also provides advice on how to start a business as well as reviews on resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Up to six months after graduation, students may schedule one-on-one sessions with professional educators at the university for career advising services. Australia's UniHub and other job seeking websites are accessible to graduates. About 91% of graduates as of 2020 had at least one real-world experience, such as an abroad opportunity or work-integrated learning. More than 19,800 students are eligible for admission under its competitive admissions criteria, which has an acceptance rate of roughly 70% - 80%. 


Queensland University Of Technology English Proficiency Requirements


Several English proficiency test results, including those from the PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge English, are accepted by the university. The following table lists the minimum score requirements for graduates and undergraduates -



Minimum Overall Score Required







Cambridge English



Regardless of the program you are studying, there are several scholarship opportunities provided by the university as well as other organizations. With so many scholarships available now, overseas students can greatly lower the financial burden of studying in a new country. You can apply for scholarships to study at the Queensland University of Technology through UniScholarz. You can find the following types of scholarships based on your academic performance and financial situation:

  • Merit-based scholarships

  • Need-based scholarships

  • Country-specific scholarships

  • College-specific scholarships

  • Student-specific scholarships


Most international students are obligated to show proof of sufficient funds to obtain a visa. While some students may have the opportunity to make use of scholarships, not all students cut the eligibility to get a scholarship or a grant. Moreover, not all scholarships cover 100% of your study abroad expenses. At such times, most students resort to acquiring education loans to avoid the financial hassles associated with studying at the Queensland University of Technology. For Indian students, UniCreds is the ideal education loan marketplace if you’re looking for low-interest rates and free consultation services!


There are several student housing options available for students planning to attend the Queensland University of Technology. You may select from a wide choice of affordable yet elegant student flats, halls of residence, studios, en-suites, and more! You have the option of staying on campus in the university halls of residence or a private residence. Because of their proximity to the university, on-campus housing options may be ideal; nevertheless, they tend to fill up fast and are more expensive.

UniAcco simplifies the process of finding student housing and offers a variety of options. As a result, students can select from a wide range of available student accommodations near the university, such as luxury studios, en-suites, and shared apartments that are more inexpensive and student-friendly.

Cost of Living

Brisbane is a cheap city, but students still need to plan ahead to ensure they have enough money for both living expenses and studying. Students in Brisbane can expect to pay between AU$1,728 and AU$2,448 per month for housing. The total living costs can vary depending on their needs, their lifestyle, their budget, and their student housing in Brisbane. Students can better grasp the cost of living in Brisbane for international students with the following table -



Cost (Per Month)

Off-Campus Accommodation

AU$ 556

On-Campus Accommodation

AU$ 1,276


AU$ 125


AU$ 754


AU$ 142


AU$ 68


AU$ 142


AU$ 66

Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation (Per Month)

AU$ 1,728

Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation (Per Month)

AU$ 2,448

Annual Cost of Living

AU$ 20,736