Bachelor of Science (Honours) Advanced - Global Challenges

Monash University

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours) includes formal training in leadership, persuasive communication, and hands-on practice in transforming an idea into a business or social enterprise. Fundamental to the program is an in-depth exploration of the big issues of our time.



  Course Duration

48 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 50,400



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This is an advanced comprehensive course. It includes all the requirements of the Bachelor of Science, with additional study that addresses the learning objectives relating to global challenges. The additional study commences in year 1, develops throughout the course and culminates in a major project in the fourth year.

The course is structured in four parts: Science specified study, Science listed major, Free elective study and a substantial Impact through science project.

  • A. Science specified study
    This will provide you with the mathematical or statistical foundation for your study of science and address the nature of science and its communication. It will also expose you to several science disciplines contributing breadth to your understanding of science and giving you the opportunity to learn more about several disciplines before finalising your choice of major. This study will also provide you with the skills to use science to address complex global challenges, to lead and inspire others and to convert your ideas into tangible solutions.  It will culminate in a major Impact Through Science project  in the final year.
  • B. Science listed Major
    This will provide you with practical and theoretical skills and knowledge of a Science listed area of study. You will learn to develop, apply and communicate an advanced level of understanding of the concepts and theoretical frameworks that constitute the knowledge base of the discipline.
  • C. Free elective study
    This will enable you to further develop your knowledge of your major area of study, or science more broadly.  Alternatively you can select units from across the university in which you are eligible to enrol.
  • D. Impact through science project
    This will be the culmination of your degree utilising and synthesising the skills built over the course. During your honours project you will form a partnership with an external organisation to tackle a meaningful real world problem.

All Monash undergraduate courses require you to have successfully completed a minimum of an Australian Year 12 qualification (or equivalent) and achieve the required academic entry score. Most Monash faculties generally use your most recent studies for admission however other guidelines may apply where your prior qualification may be considered.

Fees are subject to change annually.

International fee

  • Fees are per 48 credit points which represents a standard full-time course load for a year.
  • A$50,400
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