Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging

Monash University

Program Overview

Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours) course develops skills to become a registered radiographer. Radiographers facilitate patient diagnosis and management by using X-rays – including CT scanning, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – to create diagnostic images for analysis and interpretation.



  Course Duration

48 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 49,200



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The course develops professional expertise through studies in human biology, the digital technology underpinning radiography and medical imaging, radiographic and medical imaging science with extended periods of evidence based professional practice and research.

  • A. Human biology
    This theme integrates the principles of human biology, the structure and the function of the body in health and disease together with their radiographic appearances in planar and sectional radiographic and medical radiation images.
  • B. Radiation physics and safety
    This theme develops the principles of medical radiation physics and instrumentation underpinning general radiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), medical ultrasound and digital vascular imaging integrated with principles of radiation protection and MRI safety and statutory requirements.  It will also introduce you to radiation dosimetry, radiation therapy and hybrid imaging.
  • C. Radiographic science and practice
    These studies will develop your clinical competency in general radiography.  They integrate radiographic positioning techniques appropriate to different body regions and provide extended clinical practice including fluoroscopy, theatre and mobile radiography, paediatrics, digital image processing, radiographic image interpretation and advanced clinical decision making. You will develop the knowledge and skills to implement CT imaging protocols, general ultrasound of the abdomen, vascular imaging and basic MRI methods.
  • D. Professional practice and research
    This theme addresses evidence-based practice in medical imaging. It will develop your skills to exercise professional judgement, reflect upon advanced radiographic practice, identify on-going professional development needs and provide advanced radiographic patient management. You will learn to differentiate between different research methods, evaluate the veracity of research claims, understand current trends in medical imaging research and draw implications for evidence based health care.

All Monash undergraduate courses require you to have successfully completed a minimum of an Australian Year 12 qualification (or equivalent) and achieve the required academic entry score. Most Monash faculties generally use your most recent studies for admission however other guidelines may apply where your prior qualification may be considered.

Fees are subject to change annually.

International fee

  • Fees are per 48 credit points which represents a standard full-time course load for a year.
  • A$49,200
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