Master of Medical Science

James Cook University

Program Overview

Build on your existing medical, biomedical or clinical studies, knowledge and experience with JCU’s Master of Medical Science. You’ll study advanced theories and techniques and learn how to apply them for improving human and animal health in regional, rural, remote and Indigenous community settings.

This Master of Medical Science is flexible and allows you to choose from three majors: Clinical Sciences, Future Leaders in Tropical Research and Medical Laboratory Science. You will have the flexibility to choose your study pathway leading to a career as a Clinical Measurements Scientist, Medical Laboratory Scientist or as a medical research scientist. On your journey you will gain an in-depth understanding of medical science areas such as haematology, clinical biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, bioengineering, pathobiology and pathophysiology and the clinical sciences such as cardiac respiratory and neurophysiology. You will learn how to apply biostatistics and the principles of epidemiology to public health measures in your chosen discipline/major/career.

In your second year of study, you’ll investigate an area of medical science by planning, proposing and implementing a small-scale research project relevant to tropical health and medicine. You will also put your knowledge and skills to the test through professional placements in clinical and medical laboratory settings* such as private or public hospitals and JCU’s state-of-the-art medical laboratory facilities.

As you complete the Master of Medical Science, you will work alongside experts in the clinical and medical laboratory science field; the connections that you make and professional relationships that you form will have the potential to lead to future employment opportunities.



  Course Duration

24 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 41,200



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Course Structure


  • Research Planning in Tropical Health and Medicine
  • Research Project in Tropical Health and Medicine
  • Epidemiology for Public Health
  • Biostatistics for Public Health

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of at least an AQF level 7 biomedical science degree or medical laboratory science degree at this or another university or equivalent determined by course co-ordinator.
  • Students who complete the Graduate Diploma of Medical Science will be eligible for entry.

Estimated annual tuition fee: $AUD41,200.00

Course fees are charged per year of full-time study. International course fees are reviewed annually and subject to change.

JCU Master of Medical Science graduates are equipped with specialist skills and are employed in a variety of medical laboratory settings.

You could work as a research scientist in all areas or as a clinical scientist working in areas such as cardiac scientist, respiratory scientist, sleep scientist, neuroscientist or renal physiology. You could also work as a medical laboratory scientist working in areas of pathology, clinical microbiology, haematology, transfusion science, clinical biochemistry, histopathology, immunology, serology or laboratory management.

Graduates of the medical laboratory science major are eligible to apply for membership with the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS).

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