Program Overview

As a primary teacher you will have a creative, challenging and rewarding career helping and inspiring children to develop important lifelong skills. You will become adept at managing social, cultural and developmental diversity. You can choose from a range of subject areas in English, mathematics, health and physical education, Indigenous education, languages (Spanish or Italian), science and technologies, religious education and arts. These subject areas enable the development of deep knowledge and highly effective classroom teaching. By selecting religious education and/or theology units, you will be eligible to teach in Catholic and other faith-based schools.



  Course Duration

48 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 24,824


IELTS: 7.5 TOEFL: 94

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Compulsory Modules

  • Foundations of Law and Legal Research
  • Contract Law
  • Understanding Learning and Teaching
  • Educational Thought
  • Understanding Learners and Their Contexts
  • Digital Cultures and Capabilities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledges, Histories and Cultures
  • Professional Communication
  • Torts
  • Evidence
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Effective Teaching 1: Becoming a Teacher
  • Effective Teaching 2: Curriculum, Planning and Pedagogy
  • Effective Teaching 3: Engaging Learners and Managing Learning Environments
  • Effective Teaching 4: Students with Disability and Inclusive Education
  • Effective Teaching 5: Assessment and Data Informed Practice
  • Effective Teaching 6: Professional Engagement and Reflection
  • Theological Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • The Arts Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment F 6
  • Foundations of Literacy
  • Children's Literature for Early Reading
  • English Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1 (B-8)
  • English Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2 (8-12)
  • Health and Physical Education Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (F-6)
  • Mathematics Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1 (B-12)
  • Mathematics Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2 (F-6)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (F-6)
  • Science Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (B-12)
  • Technologies Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (F-6)

If you’re currently completing Year 12 you may be eligible for adjustment factors that can boost your rank and help you get into your desired course.

Adjustment factors may be applied to your TAC application if you study particular subjects, attend schools geographically close to our campuses or in certain regional areas, apply as an elite athlete or performer or meet certain other criteria.

A minimum of 7.0 in Reading and Writing and a minimum of 7.5 in listening and speaking.

  • Unit fee: $3103
  • Average first year fee: $24824
  • Estimate total cost: $99296

The Tuition fees quoted above are for commencing students in the current year who undertake a normal full-time load. The Unit Fee is based on a 10cp unit. Fees are reviewed annually.

Tuition fees for continuing students may increase by up to 3 percent each year for the minimum duration of the course as provided on your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE). Students who continue to study beyond the minimum duration will have the relevant annual commencing rate applied to their fees for subsequent study periods.

Our graduates have pursued careers in:

  • primary school education
  • policy development
  • community centre education
  • private colleges
  • inclusive education settings
  • adult education
  • education and training roles in other sectors – e.g. zoos
  • correction facilities for youth or adults
  • research
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