Frank Boas Scholarship Fund
Harvard Committee on General Scholarship

B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture),B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce),B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)
United States

Scholarship Overview

The Boas Scholarship is awarded each year to a citizen of Belgium or Luxembourg who has been admitted for graduate study at Harvard University. Interested students must apply for consideration before entering the U.S. and prior to the start of their Harvard program. Applications must be submitted to the Commission for Educational Exchange in Brussels, which nominates a limited number of finalists each year to the Committee on General Scholarships. This scholarship is not renewable.


Through the special Franz Boas fund, students may apply for funding of any anthropological research, including research in the subfields of linguistics, archaeology, ethnology, and biological anthropology.

Students must work with a faculty advisor appointed in the Department of Anthropology throughout the research period, apply for a supplemental grant from Undergraduate Advising and Research, and submit a non-medical human subjects protocol for approval. The exact number of grants awarded will vary from year to year depending on the quality of applications submitted and the funds available.

Franz Boas grants are awarded for field research conducted in the summer. Grant recipients must enroll in ANTHRO 93, Pre field Research Seminar in the spring quarter before departing for the summer field research and in ANTHRO 94, Post field Research Seminar in the autumn quarter after returning from the summer field research. On notification of a funding award, Boas Summer Scholars must write a letter to the donor explaining briefly how their grant funds will be used and how this project will contribute to the student’s education and future goals. Stanford undergraduates who will be returning to Stanford University to matriculate in the following autumn quarter as undergraduates or Coterminal Masters students are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to honors candidates majoring in Anthropology.

How To Apply

Frank Boas Scholarship Fund Applications must be submitted to the Commission for Educational Exchange in Brussels, which nominates a limited number of finalists each year to the Committee on General Scholarships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Restricted Scholarship?

The Committee on General Scholarships does not accept applications for Restricted Scholarships from students, except in the case of candidates for Harvard College who qualify for ancestry-based funds. All other candidates must be nominated through the financial aid office at the Harvard school in which they are or will be registered. Students should indicate their eligibility through the Financial Aid office of the school in which they hope to enroll. Harvard College applicants who would like information about ancestry-based funds should click the link for Undergraduates, above.

What is documentation? Why do I need documentation for Restricted Scholarships?

The Committee on General Scholarships is required to ensure that all recipients of scholarship funds meet the terms set forth by the donor and accepted by the University. In some instances, the Committee requires paper documentation to prove eligibility for a potential Restricted Scholarship award

What documentation do I need?

Applicants for Restricted Scholarships may be asked to supply documentation to verify eligibility. CGS does not accept documentation directly from students. Please follow the instructions for submitting documentation as issued by the Financial Aid Office of the school in which you plan to enroll.