The Francis and Peggy Cahn Fund for Argentina
Harvard University Committee on General Scholarships
Deadline:  01st January

Engineering,Physical And Life Sciences
All Nationalities
B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology),B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture),B.Plan. (Bachelor of Planning),B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce),B.Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation),B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science),B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration),B.F.Tech. (Bachelor of Fashion Technology),B.F.Sc. (Bachelor of Fishery Science),B.H.M. (Bachelor of Hotel Management),B.Des. (Bachelor of Design),B.Text. (Bachelor of Textile),B.Pharm. (Bachelor of Pharmacy),B.B.I. (Bachelor of Banking and Insurance)
United States

Scholarship Overview

The Francis and Peggy Cahn Fund for Argentina will support Argentinean students studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in the Engineering, Applied, Physical and Life Sciences; the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Harvard Kennedy School, or the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of merit and financial need. It is the donors’ wish that recipients have plans to return to Argentina and utilize their education to enable them to contribute to Argentina’s social, economic, and scientific progress, and priority consideration will be given to those candidates.


Candidates must apply to and be accepted by their school of choice at the University independent of this Fellowship application. Candidates do not need to know their admissions status in order to apply for this award. Admission to the University does not guarantee a fellowship award. Applicants must apply for this fellowship prior to enrolling at Harvard University. Students who are already enrolled at Harvard are not eligible. Fellowships are awarded for one academic year with the possibility of renewal for a subsequent year.

How To Apply

Click Apply Now to get the application form.

The online application requires the following materials:

• Application form.

• Resume or Curriculum Vitae.

• Statement of Purpose.

 In a short essay, not to exceed 1,000 words, please discuss your plan of study at Harvard University and how it relates to your career goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Restricted Scholarship?

Restricted Scholarships are individual funds, usually endowment funds, created by alumni and other donors to support specific populations of students within the University. They vary widely in their terms, amounts, and focus and therefore provide an interesting history of the changing interests of alumni and donors over time. The preferences of funds may involve ancestry, residency, or academic interest, for example. Please note that the funds managed by the Committee on General Scholarships are a varied group, and are in no way representative of all of the funds available at the University; nor are they able to capture the many different populations that make up the University student body.

How do I apply for a Restricted Scholarship?

The Committee on General Scholarships does not accept applications for Restricted Scholarships from students, except in the case of candidates for Harvard College who qualify for ancestry-based funds. All other candidates must be nominated through the financial aid office at the Harvard school in which they are or will be registered. Students should indicate their eligibility through the Financial Aid office of the school in which they hope to enroll. Harvard College applicants who would like information about ancestry-based funds should click the link for Undergraduates, above

What is documentation? Why do I need documentation for Restricted Scholarships?

The Committee on General Scholarships is required to ensure that all recipients of scholarship funds meet the terms set forth by the donor and accepted by the University. In some instances, the Committee requires paper documentation to prove eligibility for a potential Restricted Scholarship award.

What documentation do I need?

Applicants for Restricted Scholarships may be asked to supply documentation to verify eligibility. CGS does not accept documentation directly from students. Please follow the instructions for submitting documentation as issued by the Financial Aid Office of the school in which you plan to enroll.