Master of Science in Special Education From Abu Dhabi University

Program Overview

A Master of Science in Special Education degree is intended for experienced teachers, administrators, and other educators who wish to enhance their knowledge, assume roles of leadership in the education community, or who wish to work with people of determination. The degree provides instruction on the description and nature of disabilities in children of various ages and the psychological factors that affect these students. Students learn about effective teaching strategies and ways to create meaningful learning experiences for people of determination.They also learn how to develop lesson plans that are tailored toward a child’s specific disability.

Our Master of Science in Special Education program builds strong connections between theory and practice, through quality classroom instruction paired with extensive clinical experiences. Students gain a strong foundation in teaching and content knowledge from experts in the field of special education. In addition, a series of clinical experiences are designed to assist our students in developing an understanding of teaching and learning as they apply knowledge from their coursework in varied school special needs settings. Individualized guidance through our clinical framework provides our students with the support they need to be successful in today’s rapidly evolving educational environment.

MSc in Special Education will equip you to tackle the real-world challenges that teachers face in the classroom every day – including working with students who have special education needs, preventing disruptive behavior and teaching students with learning difficulties as well as gifted and talented students.

MSc in Special Education is an accredited master degree program. It offers you the freedom and flexibility to earn your degree within a one or two years period. The program’s accomodating and rewarding study options will allow you to study without missing a day at work. The program will help you enhance your career and give you a distinct competitive advantage which is part and parcel of the benefits associated with Abu Dhabi University master degree program.


Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates

  Course Duration

14 Months

  Tuition Fee

AED 88,200




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Core Courses

  • SPEDC 501 Special Education and Exceptionality 

  • SPEDC 502 Measurement and Evaluation in Special Education 

  • SPCAI 503 Curriculum Development and Instructional Strategies in Special Education 

  • SPEDC 504 Early childhood and Intervention programs

  • SPEDC 507 Administration, Management, and Organizing Policies and Services in Sp.Ed. 

  • SPEDC 506 Research Methods in Special Education 

  • SPEDT 511 Assistive Technology in Special Education 

  • SPEDA 580 Internship / Capstone Course 


Elective Courses

  • SPEDC 520 Seminar in Learning disabilities. 

  • SPEDC 521 Seminar in Mental Handicaps and intellectual challenges. 

  • SPEDC 522 Seminar in Emotional and Behavioral disorders. 

  • SPEDC 523 Seminar in Sensory and Physical Disabilities 

  • SPEDC 524 Seminar in Language and communication Disorders. 

  • SPEDC 525 Seminar in Gifted and Talented education. 

  • SPEDC 526 Seminar in Remedial Education 

  • SPEDC 527 Seminars in Autism. 

  • SPEDC 505 Advanced- Current issues in Special Education 

Bachelors Degree

Directly related discipline with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 on a 4.00-point scale, from an accredited university recognized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education- Higher Education Affairs.


English language proficiency requirements

For master program taught in English, an Official score report of international TOEFL (IBT) 79 or the ITP 550 (taken at Amideast) or the Academic IELTS 6.0 must be taken no more than two years prior to admission, or English EmSat minimum score of 1400 no more than 18 month prior to admission to Abu Dhabi University. 

Students with a recognized bachelor’s degree and an EmSAT score of 1250, English Academic IELTS Score 5.5, or equivalent on another standardized test approved by the Ministry, can be granted conditional admission for one semester, and may take a maximum of six credit hours in the first semester of study.


International Students

We also welcome applications from students with a variety of bachelor degrees from an accredited university recognized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education- Higher Education Affairs, upon their successful completion of any required program foundation courses. These applicants will be granted admission into the program after the successful completion of some business foundation courses.


Transfer Students

Postgraduate transfer students may apply for credit transfer for courses taken prior to joining Abu Dhabi University only once, when they first apply for admission.


Abu Dhabi

Tuition fees structure & calculation

  •  Majors AED 88,200
    • Credit Hour Cost (Aed) AED 2,940
    • Required Credits 30

It is mandatory for schools within the UAE to employ teachers/coordinators with special needs qualifications. This gives graduates of this program a variety of career opportunities in both the public and private school sectors, as well as organizations focused specifically on special needs. They may use the knowledge and skills gained from the program to enhance their mainstream teaching role or choose to specialize in the areas of early intervention or special education teaching, as well as administrative and supervisory roles.

The acquisition of a master’s degree demonstrates a high level of knowledge in your chosen field. You may use it to enhance your employability, as preparation for further academic research or as a means of professional training.

  • A sequence of professional academic courses in Special Education and related areas

  • Opportunities to observe, discuss, and take part in supervised practice in assessment and instruction experiences translating research into practice

  • Opportunities to design,conduct and evaluate experimental programs of intervention in special education settings

  • Experiences in the communication of ideas, including professional writing and presentation of papers at professional meetings


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