BSc in Public Health From Abu Dhabi University

Program Overview

Public health is about creating a healthy, happy society – helping to prevent health problems. This  public health bachelor’s degree will allow you to be a part of this solution. Through this BSc in Public Health program, the only undergraduate program of its kind in the UAE, you will have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of the people in your community by focusing on tackling the underlying causes of ill health, promoting health and wellbeing, and addressing health inequalities. 

This Public Health bachelor degree defines the core areas of public health – epidemiology, health promotion, environmental health, biostatistics, health service administration, health policy management and social and behavioural science. Emphasis will be on complex health issues such as the control of communicable diseases and the improvement of health care policies. You will be able to specialize in a range of fields including health policy management, environmental health and health promotion.

Within this undergraduate in Public Health, you will research public health challenges common to both the UAE and global communities, compare private and public health sectors within the UAE and outline strategies for the improvement of all areas in the UAE’s public health sphere.

The reputation of our students and faculty in the market means we are regularly invited to work with Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DOH) - on public awareness campaigns, the hosting of the DOH Public Health Forum at ADU and other health related initiatives. This gives you a multitude of volunteer opportunities to put the theory into practice at the same time as positively influencing the health of the community in which you live.

Introduction to Public Health is also offered as a stand-alone course (elective) and is hugely popular. Students can study a minor in Public Health and Happiness and Positive Psychology will also be offered as an elective course available to all students. 


Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates

  Course Duration

48 Months

  Tuition Fee

AED 172,800




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University Requirements

  • ARL 101 (A) Communication Skills in Arabic I (A)

  • ENG 200 English II

  • MTT 101 Pre-Calculus

  • FWS 100 Academic Skills for Success

  • STT 100 General Statistics

  • MTT 101 Mathematics for Science & Technology

  • FWS 305 Technical Communication for Work Place

  • ITD 100 Introduction to Information and Digital Technology

  • FWS 211 Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence

  • STT 100 General Statistics

  • FWS 301 Developing Future Leaders

  • ISL 100 (A) Islamic Culture (A)

  • FWS 310 Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • FWS 205 UAE and GCC Society


College Requirements

  • ASC 301 Research Report Writing


Major Requirements

  • BIO 205 General Biology I

  • BIO 205L General Biology Laboratory I

  • CHE 205 General Chemistry I

  • CHE 205L General Chemistry Laboratory I

  • EHS 205 Introduction to Environmental Health & Safety

  • ENS 205 Introduction to Environmental Science

  • HSC 200 Introduction to Health Management

  • HSC 201 Determinants of Public Health

  • HSC 205 Biostatistics

  • HSC 210 Epidemiology & Population Health

  • HSC 305 Occupational Health & Safety

  • HSC 315 Global Issues in Environmental Health

  • PBH 101 Introduction to Public Health

  • PBH110 Intro to Happiness & Positive Psychology

  • PBH 300 Health Sociology

  • PBH 310 Principles of Health Promotion

  • PBH 320 Community and Public Health Nutrition

  • PBH 399 Public Health Research Seminar

  • PBH 400 Internship

  • PBH 405 Chronic and Infectious Diseases

  • PBH 405 Chronic and Infectious Diseases

  • PBH 410 Research Methods for Public Health

  • PBH 420 Practice of Health Promotion

  • PBH 425 Maternal and Child Health

  • PBH 499 Undergraduate Research


Open Elective Courses

  • OE 1 Open Elective 1

  • OE 2 Open Elective 2

  • OE 3 Open Elective 3

  • OE 4 Open Elective 4

  • OE 5 Open Elective 5

Language Proficiency

  • Academic IELTS 5.0

  • EMSAT English 1100

  • ITP (taken at Amideast) 500

  • Internet- based TOEFL (iBT) 61


High School Curriculum

  • MOE Advance   70%

  • MOE General    70%

  • MOE ADEK    70%

  • UAE Literary Streams High School (Before 2017)    70%

  • UAE Science Streams High School (Before 2017)    70%

  • **American / Canadian    70%

  • **British Curriculum or IGCSE / GCE(Completed Year 13/Grade 12 of High School)    70%

  • **Indian/Pakistani/Bangladesh    50%

  • **International Baccalaureate    24 point

Abu Dhabi

Tuition fees structure & calculation

  •  General Education AED 60,480
    • Credit Hour Cost (Aed) AED 1,440
    • Required Credits 42
  •  Majors AED 112,320
    • Credit Hour Cost (Aed) AED 1,440
    • Required Credits 78

This program will prepare you to move into the field of public health employment. Many organizations within the public, private and voluntary sector offer career opportunities including health authorities, insurance companies, hospitals and public health research centers. A variety of occupational roles are possible within the areas of health services administration, bio-statistics/epidemiology, health education/behavioural science, environmental health, nutrition and public health practice.

Graduates of this program have gone onto work in organizations such as Daman National Health Insurance, Department of Health -  Abu Dhabi, SEHA and Abu Dhabi National Rehabilitation Center.


Public health job opportunities are offered by but not limited to the health authorities, hospitals, insurance companies and public health research centers. Most career opportunities for Public Health graduates are found in the following fields:

  • Health Services Administration

  • Biostatistics/Epidemiology

  • Health Education/Behavioral Science

  • Environmental Health

  • Nutrition

  • Public Health Practice/Program Management


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