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University of Waikato

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Program Overview

This programme will prepare you to respond to the health needs of the Midland and Aotearoa populations with a particular focus on equity for Māori and Pacific, mental health and addiction, primary and community health.


Delivered in partnership with the Waikato District Health Board and its clinical partners, our nursing programme combines high academic standards with hands-on learning in a real healthcare setting from day one.  The programme also has a specific focus on equity, wellbeing and Māori and Pacific health with opportunities to specialise in mental health and addictions.


On a practical level, you will divide your time between our University campus in Hamilton and health providers across the Waikato region and be guided by an experienced team of registered nurses and other health professionals.  This diverse team includes active researchers who are changing the way healthcare is delivered in New Zealand and across the world. This team embraces cutting-edge teaching and learning methods to equip the next generation of nurses with skills and knowledge to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow.


By the end of your two-year masters degree, you will be able to provide the highest quality care to New Zealanders, whether they are living in rural or urban locations, at home or in hospital or experiencing mental or physical illness.


Hamilton NZNew Zealand

  Course Duration

24 Months

  Tuition Fee

NZ$ 37,780


IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90

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Degree planner — Master of Nursing Practice (MNursPrac)

Year 1

  • Professional Nursing Practice in Aotearoa Society
  • Applied Science for Nursing Practice I
  • Nursing Practicum I
  • Nursing Practicum II
  • Applied Science for Nursing Practice I

Year 2

  • Applied Science for Nursing Practice II
  • Pharmacology for Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Practicum III
  • Research in Healthcare Practice
  • Transition to Registered Nurse Practice

Selection of applicants for the Master of Nursing Practice is based on both academic background and suitability for nursing. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview.


You can apply for the Master of Nursing Practice if you have:

  • A bachelor's degree (or equivalent qualification) in any subject
  • Achieved at least a B grade average in your final year of your degree

The cost of studying at University of Waikato varies largely depending on the type of university and the degree chosen. More often than not, humanities, arts, and education courses are less expensive than degrees in medical, engineering, or management. Furthermore, students who choose to study at the postgraduate level typically pay higher tuition fees, which again vary depending on the programme chosen.

Most universities provide scholarships or financial aid to students in order to help them offset their tuition costs. Students should be aware that additional course fees and incidental expenses may not be included in tuition. On average, international students can expect to pay NZ$37,780 annually, to study in University of Waikato.

  • Registered Nurse
  • Primary and community health care
  • Hospital-based care
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