Program Overview

Are you seeking the ability to think critically and communicate well? A Master of Arts (MA) from Waikato will teach you the skills to work independently and see a major project through to completion. These are characteristics that are highly sought after by employers.


Enrolling in an MA gives you the opportunity to engage in independent (but supervised) research in one or more of a wide range of subjects. Graduating with an MA provides you with a gateway to a higher research degree or to a wide range of careers.


Hamilton NZNew Zealand

  Course Duration

12 Months

  Tuition Fee

NZ$ 56,670


IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90

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Choose a main subject

  • Anthropology
  • Education and Society
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • International Relations and Security Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Māori and Indigenous Studies
  • Pacific and Indigenous Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Screen and Media Studies
  • Theatre Studies

Following the successful completion of the BA or BA(Hons), you may apply for the Master of Arts degree. The MA is awarded with classes of honours.


To be admitted to the MA, you must have completed a Bachelor of Arts (or equivalent) or a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (or equivalent) in the same subject and must have achieved a satisfactory grade average – normally a B average or better.


You will also need to have appropriate supervision arranged.


Admission criteria may vary so please consult the appropriate programme Graduate  Adviser for their specific criteria. Admission to the MA requires the agreement of the Chair of School or Programme Convenor of the main subject or programme and agreement of the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences (or nominee).

The cost of studying at University of Waikato varies largely depending on the type of university and the degree chosen. More often than not, humanities, arts, and education courses are less expensive than degrees in medical, engineering, or management. Furthermore, students who choose to study at the postgraduate level typically pay higher tuition fees, which again vary depending on the programme chosen.

Most universities provide scholarships or financial aid to students in order to help them offset their tuition costs. Students should be aware that additional course fees and incidental expenses may not be included in tuition. On average, international students can expect to pay NZ$56,670 annually, to study in University of Waikato.

Our subjects equip MA graduates for specific careers. For instance, a Māori and Indigenous Studies graduate might become a director or producer, a public relations and marketing executive, a cultural advisor, a social policy planner, or a researcher.  A Screen and Media Studies MA graduate might become a media relations adviser, a media research executive, a professional fundraiser, a public affairs specialist, a public relations consultant or a journalist. History, Māori and Indigenous Studies or Pacific and Indigenous Studies MA graduates might become historians, museum curators, heritage researchers or work in community development (for instance, with tribal authorities). Foreign language MA graduates might work in the diplomatic service or become international marketing managers, trade commissioners, interpreters or translators – the possibilities are endless.

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