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Program Overview

Study a Bachelor of Communication – BC
The world needs communicators. It needs people who have the creativity and imagination to develop content that will inspire and connect people. It needs those with the logic, analysis and language skills to deliver that content in a strategic and meaningful way.

Unique variety in your study - just like the working world
Massey’s Bachelor of Communication is the only communication degree in New Zealand that requires you to take courses from both business and arts. You’ll probably discover that neither is what you expected.  You may even love most a subject you didn’t think you would! Combining words and creativity with business will make you a highly-employable communication specialist.


AucklandNew Zealand

  Course Duration

36 Months

  Tuition Fee

NZ$ 37,014


IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90

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Structure of the Bachelor of Communication

Full-time study in the first year comprises eight 15-credit courses, for a total of 120 credits. We recommend studying 60 credits per semester. You may also wish to take some courses at summer school but ensure you include those that are required for the next level of courses.

In your first year, you complete a core of set courses as part of your degree. The first year core means you get to meet other Bachelor of Communication students as a group and form an overview of all parts of communication before you specialise.

At the start of your second year you choose the area you are most interested in (your major). You also choose a second field of interest (your minor) and from a huge range of optional (elective) courses.

Year one

  • 115111 Communication Theory and Practice
  • 115116 Introduction to Marketing
  • 139133 Creative Communication
  • 154101 Introduction to Media Studies
  • 172131 Language and Communication
  • 219101 Media Skills
  • 219108 Introduction to Journalism
  • 230111 Tū Kupu: Writing and Inquiry


Year two

  • 200-level major
  • 200-level major
  • 200-level major
  • 200-level major
  • 200-level minor
  • 200-level minor
  • Elective
  • Elective


Year three

  • 300-level major
  • 300-level major
  • 300-level major
  • 300-level major
  • 200-level minor
  • 300-level minor
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Courses are each worth 15 credits.

Admission to Massey
All students must meet university entrance requirements to be admitted to the University.

Specific requirements
There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification, outside of university admission regulations.

English language requirements
To study this qualification you must meet Massey University's English language standards.

Fees and scholarships

Fees, student loans and free fees scheme

Your tuition fees may be different depending on the courses you choose. Your exact fees will show once you have chosen your courses.

There will also be some compulsory non-tuition fees and for some courses, there may also be charges for things such as study resources, software, trips and contact workshops.

Careers and job opportunities

There are a wide variety of jobs and exciting opportunities in communication. 

The Bachelor of Communication (BC) prepares you for many occupations, in almost any industry. The world is truly your oyster!

Your choices are not restricted – every field uses communication specialists, from healthcare to education to aviation to high-end fashion or the arts, and your expertise is transferable – Massey’s BC makes sure you come out well rounded and flexible. Massey Bachelor of Communication graduates have had outstanding employment success.

Depending on your major and interests you could move into any one of the following areas:

  • writing, editing, publishing or researching
  • speech writing, travel writing, blogging, social commentary
  • social media content production or social entrepreneurship
  • scriptwriting
  • relationship management
  • public relations
  • public affairs
  • project management
  • producing and directing film, theatre, dance and a wide range of other creative enterprises
  • organisational training and development
  • media industries including production
  • marketing, advertising, promotion, brand management
  • liaison and advisory work
  • journalism
  • film-making
  • event management
  • creative industries or arts administration or management
  • communication consulting
  • arts promotion, policy and development
  • academia or teaching.
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