English MA From University of Limerick

Program Overview

The MA English trains students in first-class research skills; core courses include Research Methods and Literary Theory, specifically designed with the needs of MA English graduates in mind. For those keen to pursue careers in publishing, literary journalism, or communications, our hands-on Advanced Editing modules introduce students to the practical and theoretical skills necessary to produce a literary journal in print and digital form. These modules offer a collaborative opportunity for vital team-working experience; our students create, produce, and market the literary magazine The Ogham Stone, now recognized as a serious publishing option for both well-known and emerging authors wishing to reach new audiences.

Our award-winning teachers in English research and publish powerful writing of their own, encouraging scholarly enquiry across a range of perspectives and traditions. Electives offered by our faculty include:

  • Literary Modernism 
  • Issues in Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • Politics and American Literature
  • Literatures of Migration
  • Feminist Literary Theory
  • Gender and Sexuality in Irish Writing
  • Postcolonial Theory and Literature
  • Irish Americas in Literature & Culture
  • Literature, Film, and Human Rights 
  • Situating Irish Gothic


  Course Duration

12 Months

  Tuition Fee



IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90


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 Autumn Semester    

  • CU6051 Literary and Cultural Theory
  • EH6081 Advanced Editing 1: Creating a Literary Journal

Electives (choose 2)

  • EH6011 Literary Modernism
  • EH6021 Gender & Sexuality in Irish Writing
  • EH6031 Literature, Film, and Human Rights
  • CU6041 Literature of Migration
  • CU6051 Cultural Constructions of the Past
  • EH6072 Situating Irish Gothic

 Spring Semester    

  • EH6002 Research Methods in Literary and Cultural Studies
  • EH6082 Advanced Editing 2: Creating a Literary Journal

Electives (choose 2)

  • EH6032 Issues in Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • EH6042 Feminist Literary Theory: Perspectives on Women & Literature
  • EH6012 Politics and American Literature
  • EH6022 Postcolonial Theory and Literature
  • EH6062 Irish Americas in Literature and Culture
  • CU6012 Utopian Theory and Texts
  • CU6002 Textual Constructions of Cultural Identity


  • Thesis research and writing

Candidates will be required to meet a minimum entry requirement of 2.2 (Level 8 Honours Degree, National Qualifications Authority of Ireland) in an English-related degree or an approved equivalent qualification.  For non-native speakers of English an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) composite score in the range of 7.0 is required.

Tuition Fees

These are based on ResidencyCitizenshipCourse requirements.

Review the three groups of criteria to determine your fee status as follows

  1. Residency
    • You must have been living in an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland for at least 3 of the 5 years before starting your course
  2. Citizenship
    • You must be a citizen of an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland or have official refugee status

Our graduates are passionate about the written and spoken word. They go on to become teachers, researchers, editors, consultants, entrepreneurs, public servants, and community activists, and to work in media, public relations, academic institutions, and as professional writers.

A Master’s degree in English Literature provides vital skills including the ability to see connections between a multiplicity of ideas and disciplines, to understand the nuances of literary texts, to interpret written and cultural material of all kinds, to write effectively and persuasively, and to move between print and digital worlds.


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