Bachelor of Science in Product Design and Technology From University of Limerick

Program Overview

Product design is the design of products and systems that enhance people’s lives, such as a diabetes monitor or an underwater search and rescue system. The areas within which product designers work is extensive, ranging from digital product development to innovative medical device design to user experience design.

In recent years, industries are recognising the positive impact design can have on both business and society, opening up new roles for design led thinkers.



  Course Duration

48 Months

  Tuition Fee



IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90


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What you will Study

The Product Design and Technology course structure is built around a design studio based approach, with complementary subjects run in parallel such as; ergonomics, psychology, manufacturing, engineering, management, and entrepreneurship.

Design studio compromises the core element of the programme, where students focus on basic skills acquisition in year 1, development of thinking tools, visualisation skills, CAD, user-centred design research, and design in context in year 2.

Design fluency and refinement are honed during the first semester of year 3 followed by an opportunity in the second semester for students to study abroad or undertake an 8-month work placement.

In year 4 students work in teams with an industry partner over an intense 6 week period, followed by an individual Design Project – a self-selected design brief focused on any area of personal interest.

Year 1

Semester 1    

  • Design Studio 1    
  • Engineering Science 1    
  • Electrotechnology    
  • Introduction to Materials Processing    
  • Introduction to Materials Science    

Semester 2

  • Design Studio 2
  • Materials for Design
  • Model Making
  • Manufacturing Technology 2
  • Design Mechanics

Year 2

Semester 3    


  • Design Studio 3    
  • Ergonomics Foundations    
  • Design Research in Practice    
  • Technological Mathematics 1    

Semester 4

  • Design Studio 4
  • Design Visualisation
  • Product Design and Modelling
  • Contemporary Design Culture

Year 3

Semester 5    

  • Design Studio 5 (Industry)    
  • Design Studio 6 (Community)    
  • Design Ergonomics    
  • Design for Environmental Sustainability    
  • Advanced Modelling of Form    

Semester 6

  • Cooperative Education

  • Study Abroad

Year 4

Semester 7    


  • Design Project 1    
  • New Enterprise Creation    
  • Design For Manufacture    

Semester 8

  • Design Project 2
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Occupational Psychology


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