BSc Economics & Finance From University College Dublin

Program Overview

If you have a strong interest or ability in economics, maths and statistics, this degree provides everything you need for a future career in the areas of financial economics, banking and finance. Recognised as one of the premier degrees in Ireland and internationally in these areas, it equips students with outstanding expertise in quantitative methods, analytical skills and a rigorous preparation in economics and finance. The competence in quantitative methods and analytical skills that the programme develops are valuable on their own in many careers and provide the essential background for learning Economics & Finance.



  Course Duration

36 Months

  Tuition Fee

£ 58,600


IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90


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First Year

During the first year of this course, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of core principles, concepts, methods and theories relevant to the study of Economics and Finance. The emphasis initially will be on quantitative methods (Maths and Statistics) and Economics to build solid academic foundations on which competences in Business and Finance will be advanced throughout the programme.

Modules Include:

  • Economics

  • Finance

  • Business in Society

  • Business Analytics

  • Financial Accounting

  • Statistical Modelling

  • Linear Algebra

  • Advanced Calculus

  • Principles of Macroeconomics

Second Year

You will then learn to apply this knowledge to practical and important problems faced by businesses and policy makers in a broad range of settings in the financial industry. In second year, students can participate in a personalised mentorship programme, gaining industry knowledge, advice and support from the business alumni community.

Modules Include:

  • Introduction to Programming

  • Probability Theory

  • Intermediate Macro & Microeconomics

  • Game Theory

  • Financial Institution Management

  • Optimisation in Finance

  • Corporate Finance

  • Econometrics

  • Financial Mathematics

  • Inferential Statistics

Final Year

In final year, depending on your area of interest you can specialise in the subject areas of Economics, Finance or Maths.

The Finance stream places emphasis on problems and applications relevant to the financial industry and corporate financial management. If you choose the Economics or Maths & Stats stream, the emphasis will be instead on different aspects of economic analysis and quantitative methods needed to support (as a consultant or an analyst) and undertake (as a manager or a policy-maker) decision-making in a corporate or policy-making setting.

Modules Include:

  • Applied Portfolio & Risk Management

  • Advanced Microeconomics

  • Financial Economics I & II

  • Econometrics of Financial Markets

  • Research Topics in Finance

  • Plus Modules associated to your specilisation

Leaving Certificate:

  • H4 in Mathematics

  • O6/H7 in English, Irish, a third language, and two other recognised subjects


An average score of 6.5 over all components and a minimum of 6.0 in each band on the Academic Version. 

In 2022 and 2023 we will accept IELTS indicator. It may not be recognised after that depending on the outcome of a review.


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 

A minimum score of 90 is required in the Internet based TOEFL (iBT) with no less than 21 in writing and at least 19 in every other section.

General Requirements

  • Standard XII

  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

  • Council for the Indian School Certificate (CISCE)

  • Intermediate Exam (some state boards)

  • Higher/Senior School Certificate/Examination (most state boards)

  • Average is calculated on best 5 recognised subjects

  • CBSE/AISSCE/CUSCE/ISC - English Language 80% OR IELTS/TOEFL or equivalent

  • A minimum score of 90 is required in the Internet based TOEFL (iBT) with no less than 21 in writing and at least 19 in every other section.

The fees for BSc Economics & Finance may vary from  €19,900 to €25,000 anually for tuition fees. The fee's prices may get higher for international students.

This highly regarded degree offers graduates exceptional prospects for future employment and study. Employment options may include:

  • Analytics or Risk Analysis

  • Stock Brokering

  • Fund Management

  • Investment Banking

  • Insurance

  • Corporate Finance

  • Economics


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