Program Overview

Chartered Accountants Ireland Exemptions
This programme has been developed with reference to the Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) syllabus. Therefore, significant exemptions from the CAI examinations are available. Graduates of the MAcc are granted full exemption from CAI’s CAP2 examinations, provided that they have full exemption from CAI’s CAP1 examinations before taking the MAcc.

MAcc graduates’ success in recent professional examinations 

Our graduates consistently achieve very high places in the Final Admitting Examination of Chartered Accountants Ireland and in the final examination of the Irish Tax Institute (AITI). In the recent professional exams, our graduates Aisling Curtin and Sarah Finnegan obtained second and third place respectively in CAI’s Final Admitting Examination and Nora Cosgrove was placed second in the final examinations of the Irish Taxation Institute.



  Course Duration

12 Months

  Tuition Fee

£ 17,640


IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 88


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In addition to the Curriculum below students complete EITHER two summer schools OR a research dissertation. Recent and forthcoming summer schools include:

  • Management Control Systems and Innovation.
  • Audit and Accounting in the 21st Century: Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Related Technological Tools

Curriculum Information

Curriculum information relates to the current academic year (in most cases).
Course and module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Glossary of Terms


You must earn a defined number of credits (aka ECTS) to complete each year of your course. You do this by taking all of its required modules as well as the correct number of optional modules to obtain that year's total number of credits.


An examinable portion of a subject or course, for which you attend lectures and/or tutorials and carry out assignments. E.g. Algebra and Calculus could be modules within the subject Mathematics. Each module has a unique module code eg. MA140.


A module you may choose to study.


A module that you must study if you choose this course (or subject).


Most courses have 2 semesters (aka terms) per year.

Year 1 (90 Credits)

  • Required AY5103: Management Accounting
  • Required AY5104: Investment and Financing Decisions
  • Required AY5116: Auditing I
  • Required AY5118: Advanced Financial Reporting I
  • Required AY5100: Taxation I
  • Required AY518: Research Project
  • Required AY5117: Auditing II
  • Required AY5105: Corporate Finance
  • Required AY5101: Taxation II
  • Required AY5102: Management Control Systems
  • Required AY5119: Advanced Financial Reporting II
  • Required AY537: Skills for Accounting Research and Practice
  • Optional MG571: Strategic Management
  • Optional MS5104: Decision Theory & Analysis

Undergraduate and mature students can satisfy matriculation registration requirements for NUI Galway by achieving certain grades in the following examinations. 

Leaving certificate (for EU and non-EU)

You need a pass in at least six subjects in the Leaving Certificate in accordance with College requirements with:

  • Minimum Grade H5 (Higher Level) in two subjects 

  • Passes in the remaining four subjects at O6/ H7 

You should pick your subjects based on the requirements for entry to your desired course.

All subjects of the Leaving Certificate are accepted for matriculation registration purposes, with the exception of Gaeilge Bonnleibhéal (Irish Foundation Level), Mathematics (Ordinary Alternative/Foundation Level and; Home Economics (General), which is recognised only for St. Angela's College, Sligo.


You need a pass in at least six subjects in accordance with College requirements with at least:

  • GCE Advanced Level: Grade C in two recognised subjects and

  • GCSE Level: Grade C in four recognised subjects.

You should pick your subjects based on the requirements for entry to your desired course.

English Language Requirement:


TOEFL :- 88

Fees: EU
€10,110 p.a. 2022/23

Fees: Tuition
€9,970 p.a. 2022/23

Fees: Student levy
€140 p.a. 2022/23

Fees: Non EU
€17,640 p.a. 2022/23

*EU Fees are comprised of Tuition + Student Levy

Student Levy: €140 - payable by all students and is not covered by SUSI.

Career Opportunities

A wide range of career choices are open to graduates, in particular in the accounting and tax consultancy professions. Most participants on the programme are sponsored (and subsequently employed) by major accounting firms, such as KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and Ernst & Young 


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