BSc Computer Science From Dublin City University

Program Overview

Computing technology is all around us in our everyday lives. As intelligent, innovative and forward-thinking people continue to develop technology, it can help us to solve problems in a great range of applications (e.g. traffic circulation, climate modeling, the study of diseases, systems engineering, business modeling and ecology).

This degree prepares you for a career in computing and information technology. It gives you in-depth knowledge of software engineering and the practical skills to apply this knowledge to develop the technology behind computer games, mobile phones, the Internet, web applications, entertainment systems and many other computing-based products.



  Course Duration

48 Months

  Tuition Fee



IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 92


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  • Computer Systems

  • Web Design

  • Computing Programming I

  • Problem-solving,Creativity& Critical Thinking

  • IT Mathematics I

  • IT Mathematics II

  • Digital Innovation Management & Enterprise

  • Computing Programming II

  • Networks & Internet

  • Introduction to Operating Systems


  • Systems Analysis

  • Introduction to Databases

  • Probability & Statistics

  • Computer Programming 3 (Data Struct. & Alg.)

  • Introduction to DevOps

  • New Systems Programming

  • Logic

  • Operating Systems

  • Software Testing

  • Computer Programming 4 (Object Oriented Prog)

  • Full Stack Development

  • Linear Algebra


  • Computer Networks 2

  • OO Analysis and Design

  • Advanced Algorithms and A.I. Search

  • Computability and Complexity

  • Comparative Programming Languages

  • User Interface Design and Implementation

  • Year 3 Project

  • Communication Skills

  • IT Architecture

  • INTRA (6 month paid work placement)


  • Project

  • Uaneen Non-Contributing Module

  • Compiler Construction

  • Search Technologies

  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining

  • Cryptography and Security Protocols

  • Soft. Eng.:Process,Principles & Methods (C)

Optional Modules:

  • Concurrent and Distributed Programming

  • Computer Graphics and Image Processing

  • Statistical Machine Translation

General Entry Requirements

  • A minimum of six Leaving Certificate subjects at Grade 06/H7, to include the subjects English OR Irish AND the subject Mathematics. In addition, applicants must present at least two subjects at grade H5.

  • A minimum of six Leaving Certificate subjects at Grade 06/H7, to include a H4 in Irish, 04/H7 in English and 04/H7 in Mathematics. Applicants must present at least three subjects at grade H5.

EU Transfer Applications:

  • Holders of Higher Certificate/National Certificates in Computing with Credit or Distinction or Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree/National Diploma in Computing with Credit may be admitted into second year.  Holders of Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree/National Diploma in Computing with Distinction may, in exceptional circumstances, be admitted into third year.  Each case will be considered on its individual merits. 

International Applications

International candidates are expected to have educational qualifications of a standard equivalent to those outlined above. In addition, where such candidates are non-native speakers of the English language they must satisfy the university of their competency in the English language. 

  • IELTS: Composite score of 6.5 or above, with no less than 6.0 in any one component

  • TOEFL iBT: Total Score of 92

EU Status Fee: €6,679 per annum

Non EU Fee: €15,000 per annum

Career Prospects:

  • Software Engineers

  • Programmers

  • Systems Analysts

  • Web Developers

  • Cloud Computing Developers

  • App Developers

  • Technical Consultants

  • Computer Studies Teachers (degree recognised by the Teaching Council)


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