Advanced Mathematics From ENS Lyon

Program Overview

The Advanced Mathematics program gradually becomes more specialized. It is research-oriented and offers students the possibility to pursue a PhD thesis.


The program is based at two laboratories of mathematics of the Université de Lyon: the Institute Camille Jordan (Université Lyon 1, INSA Lyon, École Centrale de Lyon, Université de Saint-Etienne), and the Unité de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon).




  Course Duration

24 Months

  Tuition Fee



IELTS: 6.5


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An advanced program in mathematics

  • 1st year: one semester of advanced courses then specialization during the second semester.
    A 2-month training program during which the student explores some current research topics. 
  • 2nd year: choice between 3 courses in key areas of mathematics (Algebra, Arithmetic, Logics, Geometry, Topology, Analysis, PDEs, Scientific computations, Probabilities, Statistics).
    A 4-month training program in a basic or applied research laboratory.
    Depending on the scientific project of the student, the Master’s 2 may be carried out in a different university center. 

Language proficency requirements :

  • French: B2
  • English: B2

Annual tuition fees
In French public institutions of higher education, the State assumes most of the training fees (an average of €10,000 per student per year).

2020-2021 rates:

  • 243€ per year for a Master’s degree

Initial one-off costs
When you first begin university life there will be some one-off costs to consider.

For all students


  • Deposit for accommodation usually equivalent to one months’ rent
  • Health and medicine service contribution around €5
  • Insurance (accomodation and third-party liability) valid for the duration of your stay in France (if you don’t have already one) around €50

For non-european students

  • Stamp ANAEM (stay permit) €60 Estimated living costs in Lyon


  • €200 / €400 for a room on campus (student residences)
  • €400 / €550  € for private housing
  • Food around €300 a month
  • A meal at one of the university restaurants €3.5
  • A 250 g stick of French bread €0.90 on average


Rhônexpress Express Tram between Saint-Exupery airport and Lyon city center    
Single Ticket: €15

Public transport fares (metro, bus) 

  • Monthly travelcard: €32.50
  • 10-ticket book: €13.20


Housing benefit (CAF)
Students of all nationalities may apply for government housing assistance. Assistance amounts are computed case by case, based on the rental amount and the student's resources. Get more information at your arrival.

Career opportunities after this course

  • Work in research, teaching in high school and universities, and “classes préparatoires” 
  • Work in senior branches of the civil service (Grands corps de l’État) such as Mines, INSEE, IPEF… 
  • Dual courses in Mathematics and Engineering 


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