Master of Engineering Civil - Transportation From Carleton University

Master of Engineering Civil - Transportation

Carleton University

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Program Overview

Master of Engineering Civil - Transportation provides students with several prospects to expand their knowledge and skills to the best of their ability. Carleton Universityis well-known for its acclaimed faculty, which provides students with hands-on experience in the industry through its curricula, allowing them to gain professional skills that will prepare them for their career pathways. Master of Engineering Civil - Transportation is well-structured and has been identified by famous firms worldwide for its excellent balance of academic and practical expertise.

Carleton University provides students with cutting-edge educational facilities and amenities that will help them throughout their studies. Furthermore, Master of Engineering Civil - Transportation allows students to pursue internships, apprenticeships, and project work, and go above and beyond their academics in order to meet industry requirements. Overall, this programme provides students with a unique opportunity that encourages them to achieve outstanding academic, professional, and personal success.



  Course Duration

24 Months

  Tuition Fee

CAD 18,600


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In order to enrol for Master of Engineering Civil - Transportation at the Carleton University , there are a standard set of requirements that students must meet. Below is a list of prerequisites that students must keep in mind:

Required Documents Range
10th Marksheet 70-75% above
12th Marksheet 70-75%
Bachelors All Markseet 85% Above
Degree Certificate Required
Transcript Required
Passport Mandatory
IELTS 7-7.5 bands/6
Education Gap Acceptable 5 Years
LOR Required 3
SOP Required
Backlog Acceptable Max 1-2

The cost of attending Master of Engineering Civil - Transportation varies greatly based on the type of university attended and the degree pursued. International students pay higher fees than domestic students. Moreover, degrees in humanities, arts, and education courses are often less expensive than degrees in medicine, engineering, or business. International students may expect to spend CA$ 18600 yearly on average to study in Carleton University . Students should be informed that additional course fees and miscellaneous expenses may not be included in tuition.

International students can receive financial aid through scholarships to study in Canada in order to offset their expenses. With a plethora of scholarships available, overseas students can significantly reduce the financial burden of studying in Carleton University . Most scholarships are given to students based on their academic performance or financial situation. Students should, however, check the eligibility criteria to ensure that they are eligible for these scholarships.


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