Bachelor of Architectural Design From Monash University

Program Overview

Monash Architecture is all about the bigger picture, and how architecture integrates with urban design and urban planning.



  Course Duration

36 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 43,100


IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 79


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Course Structure
In combination with our Architectural Design studios, which are the backbone of the course and provide the basis for integrating and learning different aspects of architecture, you will learn about architecture through several perspectives and knowledge areas. Architectural Performance, History and Theory, and Communications units provide comprehensive foundations for putting architectural ideas to work in the world. See below descriptions for more information.

Architectural Design Studios

  • Design studios are the core of our architectural education. The studio creates a collaborative environment to explore design approaches through projects that respond to briefs, issues and different constraints. The ‘studio’ models the way architects work with clients, teams, and stakeholders in an iterative process to achieve an outcome. Studios address contemporary urban and architectural issues and are taught by practising architects or academics (many are also both).
  • Each semester there is a range of studio options available that mirror the diversity of architectural approaches and ways of practising. This enables you to develop personal interests and shape your professional pursuits. The breadth of studio topics on offer each semester allows you to develop skills in specific areas, expand your understanding of architectural possibilities and gain experiences that align with your curiosity and career aspirations.
  • Studios align with a different theme and vary each semester. Themes span from exploring design processes to developing careful observation and critical propositions, and from materialising architectural ideas to addressing relationships between architecture and the city. The sequence of themed studios prepares you to engage with a range of complex projects and issues in the subsequent Master of Architecture course.

Architectural Performance

  • Architectural performance units focus on understanding a host of technical issues that support the realisation of design ideas. You’ll learn how material, structural, constructional and environmental issues shape the built environment and impact the way we live.
  • Through this suite of three units, you will discover how buildings stand up, how they keep us dry and comfortable, what they can be made out of, how they go together, and how they can contribute to creating healthy and sustainable environments. These units provide you with the knowledge and vocabulary to collaborate with other professionals in the creation of building projects.

Architecture Communication
Learn how to explore and express your design ideas through a range of representational tools. Through two units undertaken in the first year, you will gain foundations in drawing, computer-aided drafting (CAD), digital modelling, physical modelling, presentation layout, and graphic communication. Communication skills and tools will be further developed and expanded through subsequent design studios and third year architecture elective options. These units prepare you to confidently present your work to clients and communities with confidence - just like architects do in the industry.

The university has a wealth of options to help broaden your education. Choose from literally hundreds of electives that can complement and develop your interests and help you achieve your career goals. You can delve deeper into contemporary architecture or venture into other areas of artistic practice like glass making, sculpture, painting, or sound and video art. You can explore Design subjects like branding, furniture, multimedia or web design. You can also go further afield and study a language, accounting, marketing, or explore a range of other units on offer across the other Monash faculties.

QualificationEntry Score 

  • All India Senior School Certificate-70%
  • Indian School Certificate Examination-65%

Fees are subject to change annually.

International fee

  • Fees are per 48 credit points which represents a standard full-time course load for a year.
  • A$43,100


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