Sports Scholarships In United Kingdom for International students

Most of the top universities offer sports scholarships in the UK for international students. These scholarships are intended to provide financial support to gifted and talented students in the UK. Sports scholarships in the UK allow students to pursue their degrees at the same time as continuing to train in their sport. 

Many colleges urge athletes to pick their university so that they may develop a high-level athletic representation for the university. You will, of course, be required to represent them in your chosen sport throughout your degree, but the support and finance you will receive will ensure that you continue to perform at the highest level and achieve your full sporting potential as well as gaining a degree at the same time.

In order to secure sports scholarships in the UK, you will often need to make different  applications for these scholarships before you know your A-level results. Therefore, we recommend you check out the application deadlines. Do note however that, unlike sports scholarships in the USA, students have to have already applied to the course and university via UCAS before they can apply for the scholarships. The degree you wish to study does not usually have to be related to sport.

Until a couple of years ago, there were only a handful of sports scholarships in the UK for international students that were for more traditional sports such as football or athletics. But lately, there has been a considerable increase in the number of sports scholarships in the UK for a much wider range of sports, including rugby, cricket, rowing, golf, basketball and tennis.

Now that you know there are many sports scholarships in the UK for international students up for grabs, you should make it a point to apply to as many sports scholarships as you possibly can. 

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Here is a list of the top sports scholarships in the UK for international students - 

TASS Scholarship

The Sport England Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme is a one-of-a-kind government-backed collaboration between talented young athletes, educational institutions, and national sports governing organisations. The scholarship programme covers more than 600 athletes in 32 sports. Individual sporting national governing organisations make nominations, and fundamental services are supplied in TASS Accredited Centres across England. TASS provides vital support services via a national network of experienced practitioners based at TASS Delivery Sites throughout England. TASS supports student-athletes through annual individual awards or sport-specific projects. They operate during the academic year from September 1st – August 31st. This is one of the best sports scholarships in the UK for international students.

Winning Students Scotland

The Winning Students Scotland is a national sports scholarship programme that is dedicated to supporting students competing in high-performance sport. These scholarships are granted on a yearly basis and can be worth up to £6,000 per year. They provide personalised support and academic freedom to international students studying in the UK. Full-time and part-time college or university students, as well as able-bodied and disabled athletes, are eligible for scholarships. The scholarships can be spent on a variety of support services ranging from student accommodation to match costs. The athlete's particular needs are determined in conjunction with their sport and their college or university's Winning Students coordinator.

Royal & Ancient Golf Scholarship

Royal & Ancient Golf Scholarship is one of the most unique sports scholarships in the UK. This scholarship programme is present at 15 universities and awards 100 individual Foundation scholarships to players from all over the world. In order to be eligible for the Royal & Ancient Golf Scholarship, applicants must be in full-time tertiary education. Male applicants must hold a handicap of +1 or better, while female applicants must be 2 or below. Applications will also be considered from players who have been selected for a national team or squad, even if they do not meet the handicap requirements.

Chris Potter Sports Bursary

The Chris Potter Sports Bursary is a £1,000 yearly prize given to an undergraduate or postgraduate student who can demonstrate a substantial contribution to student sport as a competitor, official, referee/umpire, coach, or volunteer, with a focus on the BUCS curriculum. Open to both undergraduates and postgraduates, BUCS offers two bursaries up to a total of £1,000 with a maximum single award of £750. The award may be used as a contribution towards any of the following activities:

  • Travel expenses in direct relation to the agreed activity.
  • Coaching, umpiring or referee development.
  • Attendance of sport-related courses.
  • Sports development, administration and, or leadership.

Yellow Jersey Triathlon Scholarship

This is one of the best sports scholarships in the UK for international students who are gifted triathletes. The Yellow Jersey scholarship, in partnership with British Triathlon, is awarded every year to one student who can demonstrate a clear plan of action to get other students at their university involved in the sport. It includes a bursary of £1,000 towards the individual’s triathlon goals for the year and many other perks, including one year’s bicycle and travel insurance and a session with a British Triathlon development team member. Applications for the Yellow Jersey Triathlon Scholarship are open in October each year and run for a month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the popular Sports scholarships in the UK?

TASS Scholarship, Chris Potter Sports Bursary, Yellow Jersey Triathlon Scholarship, Royal & Ancient Golf Scholarship are some popular sports scholarships in the UK.

Which UK universities offers sports scholarships in UK?

University of Manchester, Bournemouth University, University of Stirling, The University of Nottingham are some of the UK universities offering sports scholarships in the UK.