Psychology Scholarships to study in the United Kingdom

Most universities in the UK that offer psychology courses are all rounded and provide students with a broad background in practical applications, experimental methodology, information technology and theory construction. Some of the strongest and globally renowned psychology programs are offered in America, the UK and Australia. Moreover, the UK has abundant employment opportunities for international students who are pursuing nursing in the country. A psychology degree from the UK will not just dramatically improve your career prospects but will allow you to pursue academia or a vocation, developing life skills, building confidence and independence throughout your life. 

There are two types of undergraduate degrees to learn Psychology; the Bachelor of Arts that focuses on liberal arts and education, and the Bachelor of Science which takes the science and mathematical approach. The cost of studying in the UK is quite high when compared to the USA or Australia. For this, there are several psychology scholarships to study in the United Kingdom, offered by universities such as the University Of Gloucestershire, Newcastle University, University of Glasgow to name a few. 

Psychology is one of the UK’s most popular degree courses. As a psychology student in the UK, you will be a  part of a large and diverse group of students. Your options for after your degree are diverse. Psychology graduates are insightful and people-focused, but also scientists and critical thinkers. Another reason why international students prefer studying in this country, apart from receiving fully-funded psychology scholarships in the UK, is the teaching methodology of the universities. 

Degrees from UK higher education providers especially in the field of psychology are respected around the world. The choice of subjects you can study is extensive. A degree from any British university will look great on a CV, and when looking for work in the future, no matter the industry and the location, having a qualification from the UK will always work to your advantage. British higher education providers are recognised internationally for their creative and challenging environments that help push students to become professional graduates. The UK's education standards are highly regarded, with experts on many academic topics, and because of the high international university rankings.

Psychology courses in the UK cover a wide array of branches of psychology such as criminal, educational, applied, law, management and forensic while the course modules include research, statistical methods and brain behaviour in addition to other specialisations. In addition to offering world-class education, there are a number of psychology courses to choose from several universities in the UK. As a student, you may lack a proper measurement to help you select the best program for psychology in the UK. However, there are some universities that offer psychology scholarships to study in the United Kingdom. Here, the psychology programs came a long way to become renowned study programs and the UK universities have traditionally kept this reputation.

According to The Times, the average starting salary of a psychology graduate from the UK is £19,048 for professional positions. Psychology graduates from the UK are capable of moving into a wide variety of public and private sector roles including human resources, social work, mental health care, psychotherapy, advertising, marketing and teaching. The average starting salary of a non-professional psychology graduate in the UK is £16,000

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If you’re looking for ways to overcome your financial burdens, you can study with the help of psychology scholarships to study in the United Kingdom for international students that we have listed below for you - 

University of Glasgow International College Achievement Award 

University of Glasgow/Glasgow International College Achievement Award 2021/22 is offered by the University of Glasgow in partnership with GIC to reward the above average students who finish the Foundation or Pre-masters course with excellent grades and attendance. This award is offered to all international students who wish to study any degree course offered by the university. This university offers psychology scholarships in the UK which are highly attainable if you have strong academic records. 

University of Bath - Sick Jack Cater Psychology Scholarships In The UK 
The University of Bath is known for excellence in teaching and research. It offers an outstanding student experience, providing excellent preparation for the workplace. University Of Bath - Sir Jack Cater Scholarships in the UK is offered for Masters degree in the field of All Masters programmes. This includes scholarships for psychology in the UK. University Of Bath psychology scholarships to study in the United Kingdom are open to graduates of nominated Hong Kong universities, and international fee-paying offer-holders. This award will cover up to 3000 GBP against each students’ tuition fees. 

Access Edinburgh Scholarships 

The University of Edinburgh is one of the world's top universities, consistently ranked in the world top 50 universities in the world and was placed 20th in the 2020 QS World University Rankings. The university’s entrepreneurial and cross-disciplinary culture attracts students and staff from across the globe, creating a unique Edinburgh experience. Access Edinburgh Scholarship is offered to students wanting to pursue a  degree in the courses offered by the university. Through these psychology Master’s scholarships in the UK, students can expect an award worth 5000 GBP to help them cover their tuition fees. 

University of Bristol - International Hardship Fund 

The psychology scholarships to study in the United Kingdom offered by the University of Bristol, are open to students from all nationalities. University of Bristol - International Hardship Fund is offered for Bachelors, Masters degree in the field of subjects offered by the University which primarily includes the fields of psychology and social sciences. Only students from the EU or international students can apply for this award. With this scholarship, you can expect partial funding of your tuition fees and the award amount will depend on the quality of your application. 

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