PhD scholarships for International students in Canada

A PhD in Canada will give you the opportunity to work with leading experts and take advantage of modern high-tech facilities. Canada welcomes international students and provides a wide range of scholarships or funding opportunities for PhD study at its universities. These include a variety of Graduate assistantships, as well as PhD scholarships in Canada from the Canadian Government, industry, and educational foundations.

PhD study in Canada has more in common with the UK than the neighbouring USA. Whereas the US PhD normally begins with one or two years of taught classes and examinations before a student defines their thesis topic, a Canadian PhD is often more research-focused from the outset. Fortunately, there are a good number of PhD programmes in Canada with scholarships. You can find a variety of Government-funded scholarships and Non-government scholarships to study in Canada. 

There are around 100 research universities in Canada. These universities often run their doctoral programmes within dedicated graduate schools that house all the facilities and expertise necessary to support students through advanced postgraduate degrees. Moreover, a fully-funded PhD in Canada is provided by some of the reputed universities such as Carleton University, Concordia University, Dalhousie University and many more.

Internationally renowned universities, attractive international fees, an abundance of PhD scholarships in Canada, and post-study opportunities is why Canada becomes the centre of attraction to international students. Once you've earned your doctorate, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the world's most generous post-study work visa schemes.

Individual Canadian PhD universities can be public or private, depending on how they receive their funding. Public universities are financially supported by their local province or territory and tend to offer more comprehensive study opportunities, including doctoral programmes. Private universities are funded by third-party sources and tend to be smaller and more specialised. The good news is that irrespective of whether you’re in a public university or a private university, you’ll find a number of PhD scholarships in Canada for international students.

PhD study in Canada is generally cheaper than in the neighbouring USA, with some universities actually reducing - or even waiving - international fees. Representative international fees for a Canadian PhD programme are around CAD $4,000-6,000 per year although some can reach up to CAD $25,000. At such times, you may resort to fully-funded PhD scholarships in Canada to relax your tuition fees.

If your PhD is part of a more structured programme its fees may vary from year to year; stages of the degree that involve taught classes and assessments are normally more expensive than those that focus on independent research. In addition to tuition, you may also be asked to pay some smaller supplementary costs for student services and union fees.

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To help you overcome your financial burdens, you can study with a PhD fellowship in Canada. To make it easier for you, here are some of the best PhD scholarships in Canada -

University Of British Columbia Neporany Doctoral Fellowship

The Neporany Doctoral Fellowship, offered by the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies, will be awarded to one or more doctoral students specializing in political science, economics, and related fields (social sciences and political, economic, and social history). These PhD scholarships in Canada will be given to students completing their dissertation as well as to students at Canadian universities. The amount of the award can range from $5,000 to $20,000. The duration of the fellowship will be one academic year.

IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies

The IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies offers PhD scholarships in Canada for degrees in the field of Research related to Singapore's Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector. This scholarship is provided by Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) and the value of this scholarship is Full Funding, $100,000 including tuition and a monthly stipend. This scholarship is only open to citizens of Singapore.

NWO Rubicon Scholarships

Students who are interested in studying a PhD programme in any subject can apply for the NWO Rubicon scholarship. It is awarded in the top research institutions outside the Netherlands which means that if you win this scholarship, you can afford a funded PhD in Canada. The NWO Rubicon Scholarship is provided by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The amount and benefits of this scholarship may vary depending on multiple facts. However, normally this scholarship includes partial funding, depending on the type of requirements. This is an excellent opportunity to finance your PhD study. 

Carleton University Awards

Carleton University Awards for PhD students in Canada include Teaching Assistantships (TAs) and Research Assistantships (RAs). TAs assist faculty members with various duties which might include conducting labs or study groups, assisting with lecture preparation, marking assignments and tests, etc. The value of TAs is over CAD $10,000.

RAs, on the other hand,  are hired by faculty members to assist with a research project that will be directly related to your own research. RAs are paid for with funds from the faculty member’s external contracts or research grants. 

Concordia University Awards

The School of Graduate Studies, Concordia University offers PhD scholarships in Canada via Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships. This prestigious programme is designed to attract and retain top-tier national and international researchers who have demonstrated the capacity to be leaders in their fields. Seventy Banting fellowships valued at $70,000 per year for two years are awarded annually.

HEC Montréal Scholarships 

HEC Montréal encourages students to apply for PhD scholarships in Canada. PhD students receive an amount of $20,000 per year, mostly in the form of scholarships, during the first 4 years of studies. The PhD programme office provides support for the preparation of students' grant applications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PhD scholarships for international students in Canada?

University of British Columbia Neporany Doctoral Fellowship, IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies, NWO Rubicon Scholarship are some PhD scholarships for international students in Canada.

Which are the best PhD scholarship in Canada?

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, University of Waterloo International Masters and Doctoral Awards, The Ontario Graduate Scholarship are some best PhD scholarship in Canada.

How do I get a fully funded PhD scholarship in Canada?

Carleton University Awards, Concordia University International Undergraduate Awards, Dalhousie University Scholarships, Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships, HEC Montréal Scholarships are some of fully funded PhD scholarship In Canada.

What is the cost of PhD in Canada?

The PhD in Canada costs around CAD $4,000-6,000 per year.

What are the top ranked universities providing PhD scholarships in Canada?

University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University are the top ranked universities providing PhD scholarships in Canada.