MBA Scholarships for Indian and International Students in UK

The United Kingdom is host to some of the world's finest business colleges, providing a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that will help you get on the right track to a promising career.

With over 395 colleges, the United Kingdom is the second most important educational centre for foreign students. With over 5 lakh foreign students, the country must have a rich cultural diversity. The best thing about studying in this country is that students from various backgrounds make amazing contacts in a very different world, which helps them in networking. Degrees earned in the United Kingdom are recognised globally and have assisted many aspirants in obtaining their dream employment and even working as entrepreneurs.

Studying a well-recognized sector, management, or MBA course at a top UK business school can be costly, but this does not deter you from investigating the various forms of grants, bursaries, and MBA funding UK options made accessible by colleges, business schools, and local governments.

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Learn more about the range of MBA scholarships in UK for international students at the top business schools in the UK below.

London Business School MBA Scholarship

London Business School (LBS) has been named the best business school in Europe over the last four years, and it provides graduate business programmes in finance and administration, as well as an MBA and an Executive MBA. Bloomberg Businessweek rated the LBS MBA as the world's second strongest foreign MBA. LBS provides competitive grants to exceptional foreign student potential. Below are the London Business School MBA Scholarships.

The London Business School Fund Scholarship

  • Scholarship amount: up to the maximum fee
  • All outstanding MBA candidates who have shown academic and technical excellence can apply.

London Business School Entrepreneurship Scholarship

  • Scholarship Benefits: Up to 50% off college fees
  • Both qualified MBA candidates who are involved in entrepreneurial endeavours can apply.

The 30% Club Scholarship MBA

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to 50% of the total tuition fee
  • All of the active female MBA applicants can apply.

Oxford Saïd Business School

The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford is well regarded and provides business master's programmes in banking, law, financial economics, and management studies, as well as a highly regarded MBA. The Economics Times ranked Sad Business School first in the UK and second in the world for Executive MBA, and it offers a variety of MBA scholarships in the UK for Indian students including:

Alumni Annual Fund Scholarship

  • The scholarship is worth up to £20,000.
  • All qualifying offer recipients are chosen on the basis of academic excellence.

Global Leadership Council Scholarship for Women

  • Scholarship worth £30,000
  • Female MBA candidates recognised for academic achievement can apply.

Saïd Business School Foundation Scholarship

  • Scholarship worth: varies (partial awards contributing towards course fee)
  • All qualifying offer recipients are chosen based on academic achievement, career advancement, and ability.

Cambridge Judge Business School

The University of Cambridge is one of the world's largest and most prestigious, and its Judge Management School provides a variety of business master's programmes. According to the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2020, the Judge MBA is highly regarded and is rated 19th in the nation.

Cambridge Judge offers a variety of MBA scholarships in UK to foreign candidates, which are divided into the following categories:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Experience at Work
  • Females
  • Country of origin
  • The LGBTQ Community
  • Bursaries from CJBS

Scholarships are awarded at the start of the school year and must be requested at the point of admission. Scholarships are granted in a variety of amounts ranging from £10,000 to £25,000.

Global Study Awards

  • The scholarship, which is offered by Research Portals, ISIC, or the British Council, is intended to encourage students to study abroad. 
  • The maximum sum included in this award is £10,000 and is available to two students applying for any course, including MBA, in several nations, including the United Kingdom.

The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program

  • This one, presented by Financial Sumo, is intended to assist students in defraying the costs of attending college. 
  • It is available at all UK universities to all students on any course, including MBA, which can be granted to a single student up to $1000.

BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

  • This scholarship, provided by Broker Fish, is intended to assist foreign students, regardless of their birth country, in receiving International Health Insurance. 
  • BrokerFish International Student Scholarship is available to full-time students enrolled in any course equal to a degree or diploma programme at any approved UK university. The highest prize is $1,000.

Go Clean Scholarship

  • This scholarship is provided to students on the grounds of merit by All Toilet Matters.
  • A student with a minimum of 2.5 GPA is qualified to receive the $3,500 prize money.
  • It is applicable to MBA students at all universities in the United Kingdom.

Other fully-funded MBA scholarships in the UK include MBA Business Excellence Scholarships at Newcastle University in the UK, MBA Early Bird Discount International Scholarship at the University of Essex in the UK, and Edinburgh Business School Somewhere MBA LGBT+funding for International Students in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the scholarships for MBA in UK?

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship, Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships, Hornby Scholarships 2018, Chevening Scholarship, Oxford India Centre Scholarship, University of East Anglia Scholarships are some scholarships for MBA in UK.

Which are the fully funded MBA scholarships in UK?

London Business School, University of London has lots of full scholarships, including living costs, for its MBA in UK.

Which MBA courses is best in UK?

University of Warwick, Warwick Business School, Imperial College Business School, The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School, Durham University Business School City, University of London, Cass Business School are best MBA courses in UK.

How can I apply for full MBA scholarship in UK?

You can visit the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website to find out if you are eligible for a MBA scholarship in UK.

How much does MBA cost in UK?

The cost of MBA in UK is around £10,000 - £15,000 per year.