International Scholarships to study in Italy

Studying abroad in Italy will provide you with access to an extraordinary array of cultural, historic, and touristic treasures. Italy's education system is highly regarded, with a wide choice of great academic institutions located throughout the country, welcoming international students. Italy has played a significant role in academia, promoting the Bologna Process, which has led to the reform of European higher education. Students studying in Italy will obtain significant academic knowledge as well as vital cultural competencies in one of Europe's newest countries.

Whatever city or town you choose to study in, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy amazing food and culture as well as Italian arts and culture. If you are looking for a different culture or way of life, Italy has continuously been one of the best study abroad destinations. With international scholarships to study in Italy, the intake of overseas students into Italian universities has seen positive growth. With relaxed and easy funding opportunities, studying in Italy will be nothing short of a fun and growing experience for you.

The Institution of Bologna, the world's oldest university, has been enrolling students since 1088. More than a dozen international degree programmes are offered in English at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. SDA Bocconi in Milan, the country's financial hub, is one of Italy's most prominent business schools. Numerous notable business executives have graduated from its MBA programmes, which are regularly ranked among the top in the world and in Europe.

Tuition prices for public higher education in Italy can range from 900 to 4,000 € per year, depending on whether you are from the EU or not, the institution, and your programme and level of study. Private institutions in Italy are much more expensive than public universities, with yearly tuition ranging from 6,000 to 20,000 Euros which is why you can apply for international scholarships to study in Italy. Tuition fees at most private institutions are the same for EU and non-EU students.

Italy is a low-cost study destination in Europe. While housing and living costs might be expensive in big cities such as Rome or Milan, smaller cities are far less expensive. Larger institutions generally assist students in locating affordable housing; with luck, you may be able to apply for scholarships to study in Italy that will contribute towards your living expenses.

There are several financing opportunities and Italian scholarships available to students studying in Italy, regardless of their place of origin. Some scholarships cover both tuition and living expenses. International scholarships to study in Italy are frequently awarded to students on the basis of merit, based on an evaluation of their grades from prior courses.

For those who wish to study in Italy and explore student life in the country on a budget, there are a number of international scholarships to study in Italy available.

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 Here is a list of a few top scholarships in Italy that you may be eligible for. 


Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) provides scholarships to foreign nationals who do not reside in Italy and to Italian citizens who live abroad (IRE)*. These Italian government scholarships are given to encourage worldwide cultural, scientific, and technological cooperation, to promote the Italian language and culture, and to support Italy's economic system across the world. Depending on the rules of each university, awardees may be excused from paying enrollment and tuition fees. Courses in the Italian language and culture are not exempt. Scholars will be protected by health and medical/accident insurance and will receive a monthly stipend of 900 Euros on a quarterly basis.

EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

EDISU Piemonte is the Regional Agency for the Right to University Education of Piemonte. Every year, it issues a request for scholarships to students enrolled in a Piedmontese university who fulfil the economic and merit conditions established in the Notice of competition. These international scholarships to study in Italy are available to non-European students residing abroad who are enrolled in the first year of an undergraduate, postgraduate, or 5/6 year postgraduate degree programme in Italy and have a study visa.

Bologna University Study Grants For International Students

Deserving international students who intend to register for the First, Single, and Second Cycle Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna are eligible for study grants and full tuition price exemptions. Bologna University is one of the top universities offering scholarships which are worth the following:

  • For First Cycle and Single Cycle degree programmes, three Italian study abroad scholarships of € 11.059 each, as well as full tuition price waivers totaling €20,000.
  • For Second Cycle degree programmes, there will be 16 grants at €11.059 each, as well as full tuition price waivers totaling €100.000.

Bocconi Scholarships in Italy for International Students

Bocconi University Scholarships 2021-2022 are fully funded scholarships in Italy for international students. These scholarships are available for undergraduate and master’s studies. These scholarships provide a full tuition waiver, worth up to approximately € 12,000 per year (for Undergraduate) and  € 13,000 per year (for Graduate) and accommodation. Bocconi University is dedicated to making a superior level of higher education available to brilliant students. The awards provide recipients with valuable financial support, ensuring students can enjoy the benefits of a top-quality academic experience regardless of their financial situation.

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme
The University of Padua provides scholarships to extremely outstanding prospective students who desire to study for a Bachelor's or Master's degree at Padua entirely in English. These international scholarships to study in Italy are open to highly talented prospective international students from all around the world. The scholarship includes an €8,000 subsistence allowance as well as a tuition price waiver.

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