History Scholarship in the UK

A degree in history develops your critical thinking, including the capacity for solving problems and thinking creatively. By the end of your degree, you will have the ability to construct an argument and communicate findings clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing. The UK hosts some of the top universities that offer international students the opportunity to study with history scholarships in the UK.

History is the study of past events and individuals to get a better knowledge of the future. Courses can range from ancient to current history, as well as from local to worldwide. You'll learn how to do research, analyze archive and source materials, and write coherently. Graduates of this degree have gone on to professions in politics, law, business, accounting, international development, or advanced study for careers in the cultural or heritage sectors, such as museums, art galleries, and libraries.

Some UK universities will need you to have previously studied and received a decent grade in history at the secondary school level, such as as an A-level subject in the UK. Moreover, with these grades, you can even apply for history scholarships in the United Kingdom. However, even if you have not previously studied history, you may be able to apply to study for a history degree. Many courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, such as politics, philosophy, English literature, and economics, might serve as appropriate preparation for history degrees.

The majority of undergraduate history courses last three or four years. History degrees often provide a wide choice of modules, beginning with fundamental courses in the first year and advancing to more specialized alternatives in the second. You'll usually be graded on written projects that require you to analyze several arguments, often in response to a starting statement. If your academics are your strong point, your chances of availing MPhil/PhD funding are higher.

Exams may also be taken towards the end of your degree or at regular intervals throughout it. Your studies will culminate in a dissertation concentrating on a specific area of interest, in which you will be required to provide an in-depth examination and analysis of a specified topic – generally of your choosing.

If you wish to pursue a history degree abroad, you can do so at some of the renowned universities in the UK such as the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of St Andrews, London School of Economics and Politics, and many more. Moreover, with history scholarships in the UK, you can cover your tuition expenses, and other living costs and reduce your financial burdens. 

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Here’s a list of the history scholarships in the UK available for students from all over the world - 

University of York Undergraduate International Scholarship In History

This is one of the history scholarships offered by the University of York, available in the UK, and is open to all international students who are looking to do an undergraduate course in history from this university. It offers partial funding and will take care of a major portion, even if not all, of the expenses incurred for study. The deadline to submit your applications is September for the year 2021 and is usually around the same month every year. The college then peruses the applications and awards the scholarships to the most deserving candidates.

The South Asia Scholarship - University of Dundee

This scholarship is reserved by the University of Dundee for South Asian students and offers partial funding with a lump sum amount of £25,000, which is actually enough to cover a lot of expenses. It is available for the undergraduate course in History and 20 plus other fields of study. The deadline for applications closes varies every year depending upon the availability of scholarships. It is one of the most ideal history scholarships in the UK.

British Chevening Scholarships, 2021

This scholarship is awarded to deserving students who wish to study in the UK for post-graduation or masters. It is fully funded and covers all major expenses. It covers most top UK universities and is offered for the subject of History and all other subjects of study. It is available for international students from developing countries or commonwealth countries, classified as “Chevening countries”. Chevening scholarships are considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious scholarships available for domestic as well as international students.

Baxendale scholarships

The Alan Stanley Baxendale Charitable Trust offers several history scholarships in the UK each year with a value of £7,000, redeemable against the cost of tuition. These are available to incoming UK or EU students on any of the MA courses at UCL and will be awarded based on academic merit. Candidates wishing to be considered for a Baxendale Scholarship must have received, and accepted, the offer of a place at UCL. All eligible candidates whose applications have been received by this date will be considered.

Jean Orr Scholarship

This scholarship is available each year to one Master's student, who may be studying in one or more of the following departments: History, French, Italian, or Dutch. The award will be given based on academic merit and has a value of £7,000, which is to be redeemed against tuition fees for the year. (If there is any leftover money then this will be given as a maintenance grant.) Candidates wishing to be considered for the Jean Orr scholarship must have submitted their complete application including references. All eligible candidates whose applications have been received by this date will be considered.

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