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According to the U.S.National Institute of Justice, Forensic Science is a highly interdisciplinary subject using notions of Natural Sciences, like Chemistry and Biology, as well as Engineering and Computer Science to assist law authorities with solving criminal cases. Forensic Scientists help authorities through the analysis of evidence collected from crime scenes. Students who pursue a forensic science degree learn how to gather, preserve, and analyse various forms of evidence. 

There are a variety of forensic degree specialisations to select from.

Despite the fact that they are all linked to law, each study programme has a unique concentration. Before deciding on a degree programme overseas, look into as many alternatives as possible. The Forensics curriculum is highly interesting and incorporates practical as well as theoretical studies. Forensics scholarships in different parts of the world will allow you to learn this interesting subject in any part of the world. The most popular countries that offer Forensic Science scholarships are the USA, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. 

No matter where you choose to study with Forensics scholarships and then eventually work, you will spend a lot of time in a crime lab, where you will learn how to conduct an impartial and thorough investigation and deliver reliable results. Theoretical courses will look at the methodologies, principles, and instruments that are utilised in criminal investigations. Forensic Scientists help authorities through the analysis of evidence collected from crime scenes. The results are then used to identify a suspect or determine if they committed a crime or not.

The most popular Forensics specialisations are - Forensic Psychology,  Forensic Biology,  Forensic Chemistry,  Cyber Forensics,  Forensic Accounting and  Forensic Law. Studying with  Forensic Science scholarships, in North America, bachelor's degrees in forensic science typically take four years to finish, and three years in Europe. No matter where you study for a Master's in Forensic Science, you'll graduate in 1-2 years. Studying abroad necessitates a substantial financial investment. You may always look for cheaper Forensic Science courses if you don't want to go beyond your budget. However, rather than doing a cheap Forensics course from a university that offers low-quality education, you must look out for Forensics scholarships in the target country where you are willing to study. 

If you do not wish to travel, there are many Forensics degrees available online. Students who are unable to apply for standard on-campus degrees will benefit from online degrees.

You may be unable to relocate due to other obligations, or the notion of relocating overseas simply does not appeal to you. Online forensic science Bachelor's and Master's degrees are available. They enable you to study from home, take breaks whenever you choose, even pause an online class to conduct research on a less-known subject. You will save on a lot of overhead costs here, but this might keep you from experiencing the student life and practical experiences that come with learning Forensics in an educational setting. 

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Scholarships For Forensic Science 

Alumni Scholarship For Postgraduate Study 

The University of Lincoln Alumni Scholarship for Postgraduate Study aims to support and promote excellent postgraduate students enrolled full-time at the University of Lincoln. The University of Lincoln Alumni Scholarship for Postgraduate Study is accessible to EU students with a bachelor's degree or an equivalent certificate that leads to postgraduate study. Candidates must be enrolled in a taught Masters or research programme at the University of Lincoln (MSc, MA, MBA, MRes, MPhil, PhD). These Forensics scholarships provide partial funding upto 20% against tuition fees. 

PhD Scholarship in Deep Learning for Gene Expression Data at University of Copenhagen

PhD Scholarship in Deep Learning for Gene Expression Data at the University of Copenhagen is available for students pursuing a PhD in Health Data Science. Applicants must hold A master degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics, Engineering or similar programme experience in Python. Applicants should have a strong interest in medical applications of data science. The value of this scholarship is Partial funding against tuition fees. 

Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship 

The Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa Scholarship is available for Masters degrees in any of the university's courses. The University of Dundee and Gbowee Peace Foundation Selection is offering scholarships to female applicants to pursue postgraduate study at the University. The candidates applying for Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa Scholarship should be nationals of Liberia, Nigeria or Ghana. The candidates applying for Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa Scholarship will be assessed based on their academic merit and personal statement. This is one of the most generous Forensic Science scholarships as it offers full funding against tuition fees worth a total of $20,000. 

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Scholarships

The Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Scholarships are available for Research Fellow/ Scientist degrees in the field of university courses. The Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD) is offering scholarships to PhD students and Postdocs to pursue research at member institutions of the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet. The EPU's objective is to promote interdisciplinary scientific exchange through scholarships, visiting professorships, between its member institutions. The value of this scholarship is partial funding and the award amount will vary depending on the quality of your application. 

BU Academic Excellence Scholarship 

The BU Academic Excellence Scholarship (International) 2021-2022 is available to students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in the university's Courses. This scholarship does not need you to apply. If you get the required marks, you'll be immediately granted it in the form of a tuition price reduction. These Forensic Science scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis, depending on funds and availability. Unless otherwise specified, the scholarship is only given in your first year. Any international student applying as a full-time student at the university is eligible for this scholarship. 

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