Earth Sciences and Geology scholarships to study in United Kingdom

Earth sciences offer a wide range of applications for our planet and its environs.

The topic of study takes a comprehensive view of the environment, focusing on the placement and development of energy and mineral resources, environmental protection measures, and community protection from natural disasters. Many Bachelor’s degrees in earth sciences focus on knowledge of the consequences of human and the overall environment interaction. 

Some of history's most influential brains have chosen to live in the United Kingdom.

One in every four world leaders attended university in the United Kingdom, therefore if you want to do great things, the United Kingdom is the place to be. The country offers high standards of education, with world-renowned universities that keep academic excellence at the heart of their curriculum.

Universities in the UK such as the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, University College London combine physics, chemistry, and biology with geology, geography, and paleontology to answer fundamental questions about the origin, development, and future of the Earth. If you wish to be trained in these fields of study and gain the skills required for the interpretation of rock materials and geological phenomena you must consider studying earth sciences and geology in the UK. The Geological Society in the UK offers an extensive range of Geology scholarships in the UK to international students. 

Graduates in earth sciences can work in a variety of fields, including geology, environmental science, environmental consulting organisations, and government agencies.

Engineering geologist, geoscientist, environmental consultant, and minerals surveyor are some of the most common job possibilities. Moreover, earth sciences and geology scholarships in the UK have further attracted students towards this lucrative field of study. Earth sciences degrees are also known as geoscience, including many sub-disciplines: atmospheric sciences, meteorology, climatology, atmospheric physics, hydrology, oceanography, geodesy, geophysics, geology, mineralogy, glaciology, volcanology, astronomy, etc. With a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences from the UK, students can specialize and research one of the world’s most spoken about academic subjects.

Earth Science scholarships in the UK have further made it possible for students to harness well-paying job opportunities offered to fresh graduates. More Geologists after finishing their tertiary studies take up jobs with industrial companies and eventually turn into self-employed individuals or consultants.

As a seasoned geologist in the UK, you will determine when tests should be conducted and, ultimately, when drilling should be halted. You will provide the operations geologist reports and records of completed drilling, as well as offer recommendations to oil business officials.

Daily geological operations will also include health and safety standards. Typical starting salaries for those employed by oil and gas companies in the UK can range anywhere from £25,000 to £45,000. New graduates geologists could earn between £350 and £450 per day, while those with more experience might earn around £800 to £1,000 per day.

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The Hazel Prichard Student Bursary

The Hazel Prichard student bursary has been announced by the Geological Society and the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Professor Hazel Prichard (1954–2017) was honoured with a scholarship sponsored by her family in recognition of her contributions to the mineral sciences. Earth sciences and geology scholarships in the UK such as this one are specifically provided to support geological fieldwork with an applied element or a short-term placement as a geologist with a mineral exploration or mining company when undertaking a research project that may or may not form part of their degree course. The bursary is worth up to £3000 and can be used to help an undergraduate or taught MSc student complete a research project that isn't part of their degree programme.

The Geological Society Research Grants 

There are many Geological Science scholarships in the UK that are offered by the UK’s Geological society, every year. The Society awards and administers a range of funds and grants for a broad scope of research activities. The scholarships encompass a range of funds such as the Mike Coward Fund for fieldwork in structural geology as applied to regional tectonics. The Annie Greenly Fund for detailed geological mapping. The Elspeth Matthews Fund for members of the Society, for geological field-based research anywhere in the world. Preference will be given to early career applicants. The award amount for each scholarship differs. Some scholarships may cover 50% of the individual’s research expenses while other amounts may depend on the benchmarks set by the Geological Society of the UK. 

The Early Career Geologist Award 

The Early Career Network's main goal is to give assistance and advice for professional development across all sectors of geoscience, taking into account the varying requirements of people in various sectors and phases of their careers. Although aimed principally at those who started their careers less than 10 years ago, the network is open to anyone interested in its activities. The award is highly prestigious in the field of Geology and Earth Sciences in the UK and will help you kick start your career in this field. 

University of East Anglia International Undergraduate Scholarship 

The University Of East Anglia - International Undergraduate Scholarships in the UK 2020 is available for Bachelor’s degree programmes in the University's courses. This scholarship is open only to international students who do not belong to the UK or EU. Students will be required to write a 250-word essay explaining why they are applying to the University of East Anglia and how an undergraduate degree from the University of East Anglia would help them to make a difference in the future. This is one of the most generous Earth sciences and geology scholarships in the UK  and covers the scholar’s tuition fees up to 10,000 GBP

Vice-Chancellor Circle Scholarships at University of Hull 2021

Circle of Vice-Chancellors scholarships are available for Masters degrees in Renewable Energy, Flood Risk Management, and other applied sciences at the University of Hull in 2021. The award highly considers students who have enrolled in Renewable Energy and Flood Risk Management at the University of Hull. To be eligible for this award, you should hold a first-class honours degree or equivalent from any part of the world. The scholarship covers a scholar’s tuition to a partial extent up to £5,000. 

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