7 Reasons Why Study In Australia? 

Written by Alifya Khambati

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August 22, 2022

Studying abroad is a dream for many. It offers world-class education, brighter career prospects and an attractive and higher standard of living compared to one’s home country among several other reasons. There are several study destinations around the world that have become the top choices for students everywhere. For many, the sprawling outback, kangaroos and koalas are the last thing that comes to mind when they picture a thriving and world-class higher education destination. Contrary to these misconceptions, Australia has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations across the globe due to all the exciting things it has to offer to young, hopeful students. “Why study in Australia” can be seen trending in multiple places and in this blog, we give you seven great reasons why you should pursue your higher studies down under. 

Why Study In Australia? | 7 Reasons

Australia was never seen as the ideal study abroad destination till of late due to its laidback outlook and way of life. But lately, that is precisely what seems to have played in its favour. Its global approach to education and careers has led it to come one of the top study abroad choices for students around the world. Let’s take a look at why study in Australia has become a dream for so many. 

A Rise in Popularity

Move over, the United States and the United Kingdom. Australia has seen a massive jump in popularity in recent years due to a varied number of factors. Students from hundreds of countries all across the world are seen opting to study in the country. In terms of statistics, Australia is the third most popular study abroad destination for students after the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This jump in popularity is one of the main reasons why study in Australia can be seen as trending in many countries around the globe.

Attractive Cost of Living

One of the main reasons why Australia is better than other countries for study is because an attractive and fairly high standard of living does come with a relatively lower cost of living. Tuition costs in the country are also relatively lower than their Western counterparts. Scholarships and other such schemes provided by educational institutions throughout the country further help offset higher costs of living. There are also several opportunities where students coming to Australia from other countries are able to work part-time after their university hours which also helps them enjoy the varied things the country has to offer with an increased purchasing power. 

Diverse Educational Options  | Why Study In Australia

One of the main reasons why study in Australia has become one of the most desirable study options over recent years is the diversity in educational programmes and courses offered by universities and institutes in the country. Specific programmes offered in niche areas of study have become one of the most important determinants of university choices today. The universities in the country have courses tailored to meet the needs of students with varied interests.

Bright Career Prospects

Australia persevered decades ago to facilitate the booming economy the country has today. Be it technology, finance, business or any other sector, the country has a flourishing employment scene. There are a plethora of options available to graduates regarding career opportunities. In addition, the majority of universities and institutes of higher education in the country have fantastic career services which further facilitates students having bright career opportunities after graduation.

A Rise in Reputation

Students educated in Australia are not only highly valued in the country but their skills and knowledge are appreciated and highly sought after the world over. This is also among the primary reasons why study in Australia has become a highly coveted option for students everywhere. This global recognition the Australian education system has garnered over the years is among the main reasons why students choose Australia for study. 

Top-Notch Universities | Why Study In Australia

The University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Monash University, the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Adelaide and the University of Western Australia are just some of the world-renowned universities out of the 43 universities based in Australia. The reputed and prestigious universities the country houses is another reason why students choose Australia for study. These institutes provide world-class education with a global approach and are equipped with an academic system that caters to the need of a diverse bag of students. 

Multicultural People

Education and economy aside, what makes a country desirable and worth living in is its people. A popular answer to why study in Australia is because no matter where students come from, they always find a welcoming community in the country filled with people hailing from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This diversity has made Australia a people’s country and a top study-abroad destination. 

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