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What Is The Fulbright Scholarship For Ireland?

fulbright scholarship for Ireland

The Fulbright Scholarships are one of the most prestigious scholarships and was introduced after World War II by U.S Senator J. William Fulbright. This scholarship is merit-based and supports student exchange between the USA and other countries. Meritorious students from more than 155 countries can make use of this scholarship to study in the USA. Fulbright scholarship for Ireland is supported by The Fulbright Commission in Ireland. This commission annually awards grants to Irish students to study in the USA and helps them cover all expenses including tuition fees, travel expenses and living costs. Every year, Fulbright awards scholarships to more than 8000 students globally. 

Purpose of Fulbright Scholarship for Ireland and other countries

The purpose of this scholarship is to increase educational and cultural exchange between the USA and other countries. This scholarship provides young professionals, graduate students and artists from Ireland to pursue their research in the USA and vice-versa. The vision of the Irish Commission for Ireland is to create a global culture of understanding and appreciation. This is done through nurturing academic and professional excellence, leadership fortitude and expertise. 

In the year 2020, 34 Irish students were awarded the Fulbright scholarship to study in the USA. On the other hand, 27 students from the USA were brought to study in Ireland through the Fulbright Scholarship for Ireland program. More than 15 universities such as Trinity College, Dublin, University of Limerick, NUI Galway, Dublin City university to name a few, accepted students from the USA to study in Ireland. On the contrary, universities in the USA such as the Institute of Washington D.C, University of California, New York University and Kansas University accept students from Ireland to study in the USA based on this scholarship. 

Fulbright Scholarship for Ireland Strategy of 2019-22

The plan followed by Fulbright-Ireland for the period of 2019-22 acknowledges inclusion and cultural diversity. Opportunities are open to people from around the world regardless of their race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic conditions. The commission encourages students from the traditionally under-represented sections to also apply for the scholarship. The commission is dedicated to fairness, equity and inclusion. 

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Candidate Profile to become a Fulbright Scholar

  1. Candidates must possess  academic, professional and creative excellence. 
  2. Candidates must demonstrate leadership attributes and potential. 
  3. Candidates must demonstrate a strong rationale for pursuing their project in Ireland and indicate how the Fulbright Scholarship for Ireland program fits their long term goals. 
  4. Candidates should extend their achievements beyond academics and be active in Irish society and the Fulbright commission for Ireland. 

fulbright scholarship for Ireland

 Eligibility for Fulbright Scholarship for Ireland

  1. Candidates should be Irish citizens and a resident of Ireland for 3 consecutive years before applying for the scholarship.
  2. Applicants who were born in North Ireland or are residents of North Ireland must enter through the United Kingdom. 
  3. Applicants with extensive experience in the United States of America are not eligible to apply for this scholarship in Ireland. 

Application for Fulbright Scholarship for Ireland

  1. Immediately after the deadline closes, applications are reviewed by the Fulbright staff for eligibility, completeness and choice of discipline. 
  2. Each application is assigned to three reviewers. The review costs of average scores, comments and recommendations. 
  3. Each application is reviewed based on its academic achievement and project statements. 
  4. The applications that pass the review round are shortlisted for the interview fullbright scholarship round. 
  5. Each applicant whose application is shortlisted is called for a 25 min with the interview panel. The interview panel evaluates the candidate’s project statement and academic achievement. Applicants are then collectively evaluated on the interview fullbright scholarship scores and the relevant review comments. 
  6. The Fulbright Scholars are then accepted and chosen by the Commission Awards Committee. However, the US Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board makes the final decision for selection. 

What Levels of Education Does this Scholarship Support? 

  1. Undergraduate Course (Bachelors)
  2. Postgraduate Course (Masters) 
  3. PhD

U.S Inter-Country Awards 

The US Inter-Country Awards allow US Scholars currently in Europe on a Fulbright Program to Ireland. There are 5 grants available to Irish and EU Citizens:

  1. Fulbright Irish Student Awards 
  2. Fulbright Irish FLTA Awards
  3. Fulbright Irish Scholar Awards
  4. Fulbright Irish TechImpact Awards 
  5. Fulbright Irish Schuman Awards

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fulbright scholarship for Ireland

What Is The Fulbright Scholarship For Ireland?