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A Comparison of US Universities Vs UK Universities

US Universities Vs UK Universities

The comparisons between US universities vs UK universities have always been close ones.

According to Times Higher Education, the world’s top 200 universities either belong to the USA or the UK. There are many reasons why both these countries are the top preference for international students, especially for their tertiary education. 

A Paramount Comparison: US Universities Vs UK Universities 

UK vs US universities for international students can be compared on the following basis.

Cost Of Studying At US Universities Vs UK Universities

The cost of studying in the USA and the UK falls on the higher side for international students. When we compare US Universities Vs. UK Universities based on cost, we can easily conclude with some research that the cost of studying in the USA is generally much higher than studying in the UK. Both countries are leaders in education, research and encourage talented students from all over the world to study at the leading universities. 

Brexit has had a major impact on the tuition fees of UK universities and now categorises EU nationals as international students instead of domestic. When it comes to international vs. domestic students, it is often noticed that universities favour home students more than foreign students. This is because the tuition fees for international and domestic students vary significantly for both the USA and the UK. For example, pursuing a Master’s in computer science would cost approximately $7000 to $8000 for a domestic student whereas the same course would cost approximately $14000 to $18000 for an international student. 

The cost of studying in UK vs US universities for international students also highly depends on the country of your origin. For example, the cost of studying in the USA for an Indian student would approximately round up to Rs. 30 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs per year. On the other hand, the cost of living & studying in the UK for an Indian student would be approximately Rs. 20 Lakhs to Rs. 40 Lakhs. 

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Scholarships To Study In US Universities Vs UK Universities

UK vs. USA Education System-  both the countries offer scholarships for higher studies; however, you will find more scholarships to study in the USA are more accessible for international students than in the UK. This is because most UK scholarships are offered to home students. Domestic students are highly favoured in the UK, yet, the country offers some uncommon scholarships for students from around the world. Moreover, most of the scholarships that are available for international students are merit-based and are not that easy to obtain. Government based scholarships such as the Chevening scholarship is granted to international students on the condition that they will return to their home country for a period of at least 2 years after the completion of their course and scholarship. 

Scholarships to study in the USA are offered by the public as well as private financial institutions. While public institutes may offer scholarships to international students with a full waiver of tuition fees, private scholarships are more often than not, partially funded. The country is also a top study destination for medical students because there are several scholarships for medicine in the USA

While both the countries offer financial support to meritorious students, the financial aid offered by universities in the USA is more need-blind. This means universities such as Havard and Yale offer placements to students who are academically talented but do not have the financial means to study at the university. Students’ merit is the only primary factor that determines whether they are eligible for financial assistance. One needs to keep this in mind when comparing UK Vs US Student Life.

Comparing Academics of American Universities Vs. British Universities

UK vs. USA Education System- the comparison between US universities Vs. UK universities are based on the quality of education as well as the nature of research offered by the country. Both the countries are highly preferred by international students, as the countries are known for offering state of art research facilities and advanced technology to improve the student experience. Moreover, both countries are world leaders in the field of academics and research. The comparison of UK Vs US Student Life is a close one. 

If we closely observe the teaching pattern of British universities, one may conclude that the UK’s education system prefers depth over breadth of the subject. This means studying at a university in the UK would mean knowing the subject thoroughly rather than learning about different branches or niches of the same subject. In addition, once you choose the focus of your research, ie., your major, you cannot change the subject midway through.

When it comes to American universities, both international and domestic students experience a dynamic and flexible system of learning that covers a breadth of topics. Each university in the USA, be it private or public, gives more time to its students to explore their area of interest and choose their focus of research. This is achieved through various formal and informal sessions in the school and involve extracurricular activities and dynamic learning. In addition to this, American students are not just graded based on their test performance. Their academic transcripts reflect a lot about their personal attributes and areas of improvement. 

If you are thinking about applying to an American university for your tertiary education, always remember that the country holds community service and voluntary work in high regard. If your resume or application reflects working for non-profit organizations or any other community-building activity, your chances of getting accepted into an American university are higher. 

Length Of Courses In UK Vs. The USA

Both the countries offer competitive study courses in a plethora of fields. However, the above mentioned fundamental differences between the education system of the two countries also result in a difference in the duration of courses for both domestic and international students. 

You will be able to find undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD courses in the following  Country comparison USA vs UK and almost all fields of study. The breakdown of course durations are as follows: 

Level Of StudyAmericaUnited Kingdom
Bachelor’s4 years3 to 4 years
Master’s2 years1 year
PhD5 to 7 years or longer3 years

We hope this country comparison of USA vs UK education systems was helpful for you.

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US Universities Vs UK Universities

A Comparison of US Universities Vs UK Universities

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