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Uni Open Day Tips Every Student Should Follow

university open day tips

You can talk a lot about uni on the basis of the university open day. Making a big decision about the choice of a university can often be confusing. You may have several doubts in mind while selecting a university. Open days help clear all those doubts and there are so many things you can learn. Make sure you attend and follow tips to get the most out of uni open days without fail. On that note, here are a few uni open day tips that we think might be of use to you.  Ensure you make the most out of it since this would be the most valuable touch-point when compared to any other online or offline references.

How To Get The Most Out of University Open Days?

Take A Stroll Around The Campus

Some of the fondest memories of every student’s college life are made on campus. So take a stroll around the campus, visit the library, the campus offices, and the canteen. That’ll give you a complete feel and look of the campus. In our university open day tips, we recommend that the first thing you do on this day would be to understand what your campus looks like. You’ll know of the various facilities that it has to offer and whether they suit all your requirements or not! It’ll also be the first thing you tick off from your university bucket list.

Talk To As Many People As You Can 

On your university open day visit, you should make sure you shed your inhibitions and talk to as many people as you can. From the college staff to professors, to current students, a university open day presents you the opportunity to talk to a lot of different people. Everyone you talk to can give you different pieces of information that will help in finalizing your interests in the university. One of the many university open day tips to follow is to make sure you talk to the current students studying there. These students would have been experiencing the same feelings that you did a few years ago and hence will be able to help you a great deal. 

Shortlist Your Universities

There are several universities offering a wide range of courses. It is advisable to shortlist upto 5 universities that you would like to visit. The following are the different questions to ask on a university opening day with respect to shortlisting universities:

  • Whether the types of degree and courses offered there suit your needs
  • If you want a diverse environment, you can shortlist from amongst different universities for international students so you can interact and engage in that kind of an environment
  • If your choice of university is based on certain location preferences, then our university open day tips recommend you to do a thorough research of universities around for an open day visit.

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Do Your Homework

There are a lot of universities that require students to register for the university open day. So make sure you visit the university website and get registered for the open day. To avoid any disruptions before the visit, chalk out a plan for how you’re going to spend your day. This is one of the most sorted tips for open days. Research your route to your university beforehand. Our university open day advice recommends you carry a few essential documents in case they come in handy!

Take A Look At Accommodations

Most universities usually give students a tour of the campus accommodations on the open day. Check the facilities provided by the residences. Make sure that your accommodations have the basic amenities that you’ll require during your stay. Ask questions like – “how many people share a kitchen and bathroom; how much you can expect to pay, and whether they provide single room apartments as well as sharing apartments. The reason I include accommodations in tips to get the most out of uni open days is that I believe they’re integral to a student’s lifestyle. 

Here are other tips for open days: If you’re looking for accommodations near the premises of your university: Head to the UniAcco platform to choose from a wide range of student accommodations offering a number of facilities.

University Open Day Advice: Questions That Can Be Asked 

Here’s how to get the most out of university open days:

  1. What are the topics that your desired course covers? 
  2. What are the types of placement/ job opportunities that you will be presented with after the course? 
  3. Understanding the scope of specializing in different subjects other than your course
  4. What are the kind of extracurricular activities that you can participate in? 
  5. What are the different societies or groups that operate in the university?
  6. How many students are generally admitted to the course on an annual basis? 
  7. What are the differences between the courses offered by this university when compared to other universities? 
  8. Understanding the kind of students at the university and getting inputs about the campus life
  9. What are the different kinds of programs, concerts, open house events that take place on campus? 
  10. Are students allowed to stay on campus or are there any hostel facilities available for students?

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university open day tips

Uni Open Day Tips Every Student Should Follow