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Why Opt For Universities In Canberra

universities in Canberra

Whether it is for travelling, settling down or education, researching about the destination never hurts anyone. However, doing so can be a painstaking process which requires time and effort. Therefore, this blog is your quick guide to the important things to know before choosing universities in Canberra.

The Place

From museums to political houses, from scenic lakes to sunkissed mountains, this young capital city of Australia is a land of beauty and rich culture. Canberra is situated on the northern end of the Australian capital territory. This city was planned and designed by Walter Burley Griffin and it is divided into 8 districts. This planning consisted of well-organised road and highway structures and hence getting around the city and accessing nearby cities is ideal by road. With that being said, Canberra facilitates public buses, railways and a well-connected domestic and international airport. So there should be no issues with travel when considering colleges in Canberra.

Canberra houses a mixed pot of ethnicities and races. As of June 2021, the population of Canberra was approximately 453,558. With the abundance of resources the city offers, it is no doubt that a recent census showed that 32% of Canberra’s population is from overseas. This brings about the experience of indulging in different cultures for someone travelling to Canberra.

The Climate

One of the biggest factors that attract anyone to a place is the type of weather that place displays. This aspect can very much affect someone who is looking to settle or have a prolonged stay such as overseas students in the universities in Canberra. Canberra experiences an oceanic climate, which is a humid temperate climate. This results in cooler summers and mild winters. 

The seasons here are divided into three parts. The summers are from December to February with the average temperature being 29 °C (84 °F), autumn from March to May, and winters from June to August with the average temperature being 12 °C (54 °F).  With February falling in between the ideal climate range, most of the major intake for Canberra colleges and universities happens then. 


When a place develops, the population of the place develops with it. This fact is true when it comes to Canberra. Owing to the great infrastructure and abundance of opportunities, Canberra is known to be the most educated city in Australia. 

The University of Canberra (UC), the Australian National University (ANU) and the Australian Catholic University (ACU) are the top-ranked universities in Canberra. These universities support an excellent research-oriented education and world-renowned staff. A student can find a diverse range of courses and programs to choose from.

College/University life will not pass by a bore, because universities in Canberra along with academic focus also emphasise personal and cultural development. 

Job Sector

The economic status of a place is the bedrock of its development. Hence we can establish that since Canberra is a well-developed city, its economic strength is also exceptional. The unemployment rate is around 2.9% which is the lowest in all of Australia. Public administration and safety is Canberra’s biggest industry followed by Health Care, Professional Services, Education and Training, Retail etc.

With an absolute focus on research and innovation, Canberra attracts sectors such as renewable energy, space science, information technology and cybersecurity to name a few.

The students in the universities in Canberra have the option of working 40 hours for two weeks during course time and also indefinitely during course breaks.  


Housing in Canberra can either be on-campus or off-campus. The universities in Canberra offer student housing, with different types of rooms from single rooms to sharing facilities, depending on budget and comfort any of these can be opted for. The housing outside campus comes with its own benefits. Choosing between flats, group houses, individual houses, etc and the distance from the university is a freedom that does not come with on-campus accommodation. Another consideration would be that the inner suburbs are pricier than the outer suburbs.

However, like with any housing facility, the early bird gets the worm therefore planning ahead and confirming a place would be optimal.


What are the top universities in Canberra for international students?

Ans: Canberra has an outstanding establishment of universities and all of them cater to the students’ needs be they domestic or international. However, some of the top-ranked educational institutes in Australia and the world are The University of Canberra (UC), and The Australian National University (ANU).

Is Canberra a viable city for international students to study in?

Ans: Yes, Canberra is a well-developed city with top-of-the-class universities to choose from. Apart from this, Canberra is a multicultural city, with people from all over the world, and moreover, all of the universities in Canberra help international students settle into the new place with various programs. 

Will it be difficult to find a job after graduating from university in Canberra?

Ans: Canberra has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Australia and it has the highest average income in Australia, when coupled with top-quality education will present ample job opportunities. Since Canberra is an innovative city, a lot of private sectors establish themselves here and hence the job market rises constantly. 

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universities in Canberra

Why Opt For Universities In Canberra