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The Best Of Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

statement of purpose for scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships for international students are offered all around the world. But if I ask you to guess the top countries that offer grants to undergraduate students what would your guess be? 

Let me give you hits for the top three countries – 

The first one is known for its famous educational institutes. 

The second is famous for its novel and unique nature, wildlife and beaches. 

And the third country is the home of the third most visited countries in the world.

In addition these countries also attract talented students from all over the world to exchange knowledge and become research hubs. This is done through awarding meritorious students scholarships to study abroad. 

Here are the answers to the questions I asked you above: 

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in The UK

The Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

Imperial College London is one of the top universities in London for tertiary education especially their MBA courses. You can learn at UCL with world class faculty that are leaders in their own subjects, students are prepared to solve the real world problems with a scholarship. 

The undergraduate scholarship for international students aims to support undergraduate students across the globe. The award is especially designed for those who without the help of this scholarship will be unable to secure funding to study at UCL. A suitable candidate for this scholarship is someone who takes part in extracurricular activities, is actively involved in community service and has a broad field of interests.

Eligibility For This Scholarship: 

Before applying for this scholarship you must already receive a letter of acceptance in the form of a UCAS. You must provide the University student number and UCAS Application number while submitting your scholarship application. You are only eligible if you have enrolled into a full time undergraduate student studying any field of study. 

Value of This Scholarship: 

An award worth £9,000 scholarship is renewable for a period of 3 years, every year. However, the award will only recommence if you are able to achieve satisfactory academic progress. 

International Ambassador Scholarships at University of West London

University of West London, is one of the top universities in London that offer fully funded scholarships to meritorious students. Through this scholarship, the university aims to attract bright and talented students who otherwise will not be able to afford education at University of West London. Undergraduate scholarships for international students for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees by UWL offers over 100 scholarships every year to international students.

Eligibility For The Scholarship: ‘

  • You should be able to provide evidence of being enrolled into a full time undergraduate or postgraduate course at the university. 
  • You must demonstrate a need for financial support. Otherwise, you have to show proof of being able to support yourself financially throughout the period of your course. 
  • This is a merit based scholarship and you will be offered awards based on your academic performance and merit. 
  • Learn the facts against myths of merit based scholarships to understand if you are eligible for this scholarship. 

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Undergraduate scholarships for international students

International Scientia Coursework Scholarship: University of New South Wales

Undergraduate scholarship for international students UNSW offers a number of undergraduate scholarships for international students as well as for postgraduate studies. For the year 2021, Term 2 international scholarships have been made available. I recommend you to submit the scholarship application as soon as you receive an acceptance letter from the university. 

Eligibility For The Scholarship: 

  • You can apply for this scholarship only if you are an international student. This means Australian students and residents cannot apply for the scholarship. 
  • Commence a full time course at the university and should be able to submit the letter of admission at the time of application. 
  • You will be selected based on your merit. Since this is a competitive scholarship and scholars are selected and assessed based on their academic merit. 
  • Additionally, you will also be required to demonstrate leadership skills, extracurricular activities and submit a winning scholarship essay.

Value Of This Scholarship: 

There are two offers granted to the UNSW International Scholars: 

  1. Full tuition fee scholarships paid directly towards tuition fees for the minimum duration of program 


  1. $20,000 paid against tuition fees for the minimum duration of the program. 

Future Of Change Scholarship 

Offered by  University of New South Wales, Future of Change is an academic merit based scholarship for Indian students. Future of Change is one of the top undergraduate scholarships for international students that is also known for offering postgraduate scholarships. 

Eligibility For This Scholarship: 

  • You must be an Indian Citizen and Indian Passport Holder. 
  • You should be residing in India prior to applying for this scholarship and admissions at UNSW. 
  • If you are a postgraduate student, you may apply for the scholarship even if you had prior residence in Australia. 
  • Be able to submit the letter of acceptance while submitting the scholarship application form. 

Value Of This Scholarship

UNSW Future of Change Scholars are eligible for a $10,000 stipend per annum. This will be provided for a minimum duration of the program. 

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in Europe

University of Bologna International Study Grants 

University of Bologna offers bright and talented students from across the globe to study in Italy. This scholarship targets students who have previous qualifications outside Italy. 

Eligibility For The International Study Grant.  

  • You must possess the qualifications to get into First, Single or Second class degree programs at the university. 
  • You must meet the entry requirements for your chosen course
  • This should be your first time studying at university of Bologna. 
Value of the Scholarship:

Offered to students who pursue either first, single or second cycle degree program at the university. 

For First and Single cycle: 3 study grants worth  €11,590 and tuition fee waivers upto  €20,000. 

For Second Degree programs: 16 study grants up to  €11,590 and full tuition fee waiver upto  €10,000.

Thanks For reading our blog on Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

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statement of purpose for scholarships

The Best Of Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students