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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Transcript Of Records

Transcript of Records

Let me ask you this. Say you want to apply for an architecture scholarship in Australia. You read out the requirements for the programs and know it in your heart, that you are a perfect candidate. How are you going to provide evidence of your academic progress and performance? How are you going to tell the admissions committee that, apart from obtaining excellent grades in Architecture, you also aced your music lessons? I’ll give you two options: You either write a winning scholarship essay to impress the committee or submit your transcript of Records (ToR). But let me tell you in advance, that you’ll eventually need to do both.

Let’s guide you through the most frequently asked questions about Transcript of Records or Transcripts for applying for scholarships and universities abroad. 

So.. What Are Transcripts? Or Transcript of Records? 

Simply put, transcripts are the details of your academic record. This includes grades, marks, scores and ranks that you have present while taking admissions into universities for further studies. 

This might bring you to the question, What are transcripts and who verifies them? 

Transcripts are basically the academic details of completing your studies in a school, college or university. This means a stamp with the issuing authority of the institution is required to verify the details and issue it for further use. 

Let Me Help You In Obtaining Transcripts From Your School/College :

  1. Ring your university coordinator or visit your school/college main office. 
  2. Ask them what documents you require in order to obtain a transcript from your institution.
  3. Make a note of the documents and ask them when a good time to come over and submit them. 
  4. Follow the instructions of the coordinator and submit the documents with a handwritten application form requesting for academic transcripts. 
  5. You might have to wait for a few days before obtaining your academic transcripts.
  6. In the meanwhile you can read about the other documents you need to produce before applying for a scholarship in Australia

Now when someone asks you what are transcripts? or Transcripts of Records (ToR)?

You can also tell them that if they need to obtain a transcript from their college or university. Regardless of whether you are applying to, or a scholarship they are applying for in any part of the world, a TOR is a mandatory requirement. 

The transcripts should and must state the name of your university, your overall grade and your subject marks. This is your official proof of learning and education. 

Transcript of Records  And Other Names It Is Known By Around The World

Transcripts or academic records are also known by the following names: 

  • Mark sheet
  • Grade sheet
  • Mark List 
  • Report Card
  • Statement Of Learning 
  • Academic Record
  • Permanent Record 
  • Record Of Achievement 

Transcript of Records

Why Do You Need a Transcript of Records?

Often while applying for admissions into the top universities in the world, your candidature will be assessed based on a number of factors. Out of these one of the preliminary requirements is the state of academic merit. Apart from your extra curricular certificates, achievements within or outside college,  and work experience, your academic transcript of records will be vital displaying your credit scores as an academic. 

Do You Need To Translate Transcript of Records? 

Sometimes, while applying to universities that do not share the same language as the home country transcripts of records might need to be translated. This is to avoid barriers of language and seamlessly offer your next university a record of marks avoiding any hindrances. 

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What Should The Academic Records Cover? 

Your Academic Transcript of Records must include the name of the subjects you studied, the projects you were involved in, marks of practical and theory subjects and a subject wise credit value. Since grading systems differ across the world, your credit values must also be mentioned for easier comparison. Additionally, your mark sheet should also mention the name of the university you are graduating from, the date of issuing the document an official signature or stamp and the complete name of your course. The name of your institution should also be followed by its location and board of study. 

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Can I submit Anything Other Than Transcript Of Records? 

It might happen that you haven’t received a final overall score or the grades of your last semester. In such a case, you may request your university to help you with a provisional or interim certificate with marks of the previous semesters and subjects. This will help the university you are applying to consider your application based on your previous performance In such cases, you might have to inform your university about the current status of your transcripts and provide the final one in time. If the records are not filled in time, it may result in the cancellation of your admission in the university. 

Thanks for reading our blog on The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Transcript Of Records. If you have more questions about scholarships that you want to apply to and the documents required, let us know in the comments section. 

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Transcript of Records

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Transcript Of Records