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Top Universities In Australia For Masters

Universities In Australia For Masters

Popularly known as ‘The Land of Oz’ and ‘Lucky Country’, Australia is a thriving destination for most wanting to pursue their higher education abroad. The vibrant cities embrace cultural diversity by providing excellent education at top-notch universities for international students. A lot of students wish to get their master’s degree from Australia not only because of its educational provisions but also because of its laid-back and friendly nature providing high standards of living. Moreover, you also have an assured companionship with the cute koalas and kangaroos there. Australia is home to top-ranked universities and is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations. Listed below are few of the top universities in Australia for masters.

University Of Melbourne | Universities In Australia For Masters

Universities In Australia For Masters

The University of Melbourne dates back to 1853 making it the second oldest university of Australia. It has had a consistent record of one of the top ranks ever since its inception. It welcomes international students with open arms and offers some of the best courses making it one of the top universities in Australia. There is more to this University aside from education; cultural activities being a major part of the curriculum. The campus sits at the heart of the bustling city and is close to transport, cafes, shopping, arts and sports venues and accommodation. The University offers over 400 graduate courses from 18 different graduate schools. The courses vary from arts, business, economics, to science, IT and environments.

Australian National University | Universities In Australia For Masters

If you are on a hunt for top Australian universities for masters, Australian National University is the perfect choice. This University has been ranked as the top University of Australia. It is located in Canberra, the prime capital of Australia. The institute consists of the 7 best colleges in Australia with research centers. The staff have been recognized for their excellency and have been awarded for their expertise. The University offers an alternative to its students between living on campus or off campus. It also has multiple libraries with options of booking group study rooms.

University Of Sydney | Universities In Australia For Masters

Universities In Australia For Masters

The University of Sydney is one of the most famous universities of Australia. This University was the first University of Australia and has witnessed path-breaking records ever since its birth. It has been ranked as the best university in Australia for providing graduate employability to its students. As per the 2020 World University rankings, it has come forth amongst the top 50 best Universities. It offers over 400 areas of study to choose from. Their founding principle was to be a modern and progressive institution and they have lived up to it basis the hard-core values that they adhere to. The campus is located within the vicinity of good restaurants, cafes and bars, medical stores, departmental stores, and general stores. Explore your graduate course options from the University of Sydney and select the program of your choice.

University Of Queensland | Universities In Australia For Masters

University of Queensland, popularly known as Queensland University, is one of the best rated universities in Australia for masters. It is located in Brisbane and is considered as Brisbane’s leading University for international students. This university has gained national recognition for its excellence in teaching and research, having won more national awards than any other University in Australia. They offer over 13 masters courses with scholarships to help students fund their studies and other expenses. The campus is very student friendly with several museums spread across. Their huge library is something you cannot miss out on. International students have a choice between residential stay as well as off-campus.

Monash University| Universities In Australia For Masters

Monash University is one of the oldest universities of Australia. It has 4 campuses, four of which are located in Victoria and one, in Malaysia. This University has excellent research facilities and is ranked as a top university in Australia for masters. The University offers over 151 graduate programs ranging from MBA, IT, to architecture, AI, and Data sciences. It is the 3rd largest provider of graduate research programs in Australia. Students can opt for living either on campus or off campus. They also get to choose between traditional-styled and studio-styled accommodations.

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Universities In Australia For Masters

Top Universities In Australia For Masters