6 Top Scholarships For MBBS Students As Of 2023

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March 31, 2021

We wouldn’t have known about the ‘tree of life’ had it not been for Jacques Cartier’s illness crew who stumbled upon this miraculous cure for scurvy in 1536. Practicing medicine since then has witnessed an evolution proving what Heraclitus – the father of modern medicine once mentioned –  “Ta Panta Pei” which translates to “everything is changing”. Studying medicine has grown over the years as a number of educational institutions have begun offering MBBS courses to students. Not only does it stop at that, but there are also multiple organisations and universities offering scholarships for MBBS abroad to encourage and support future doctors like you. We have decided to put across the top scholarships for MBBS students for you.

Who Is Eligible To Study MBBS Abroad With Scholarships?

Dear medical aspirants, before we proceed with the top scholarships for MBBS students, it is required for you to meet the necessary requirements in order to apply for them. While the eligibility may vary as per the terms and conditions of the scholarship, the following requirements below are necessary for applying to any MBBS scholarship.

  • Applicants should have taken Science subjects – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and/or Mathematics during their class 12 study
  • Applicants must show proof of completion of their prior studies as regards submitting relevant transcripts and documents
  • Applicants must submit the scores of the tests required for admission and application for the scholarship programmes
  • Since most medical courses are taught in English, applicants must show proof of their English language proficiency via standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE
  • Applicants demonstrating a potential for contributing towards the medicinal fields in the future, have higher chances of being selected.

List Of The Top 6 MBBS Scholarships For Students

Students who wish to study MBBS abroad have plenty of scholarship opportunities to avail and benefit from. A few of the top scholarships for MBBS students are listed below.

International Medical Scholarship Eligibility Test (IM – SET)

The American University Of Barbados, School of Medicine offers IM-SET scholarships by conducting a test for medical aspirants of Indian origin. There are two categories of IM-SET scholars:

Category 1 – IM-SET Top Performers

Those students who perform exceptionally well in this test will receive the following benefits under these MBBS scholarships.

  • 100% tuition fee for the medical courses to three highest scoring students in IM-SET who must have at least 70% and aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology in class 12.
  • 50% tuition fee for the medical courses to the next five highest scoring students in IM-SET and they should not have less than 70% marks in class 12.

Category 2 – IM-SET Qualifiers

The Qualifiers receive 30% of the scholarship amount in tuition fees for the medical courses provided they do not have less than 70% marks in class 12.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs And Trade, the Australia Awards Scholarships are awarded to help students from developing countries to undertake their undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate studies from an Australian-based university. These merit-based awards students with the top scholarships for MBBS students and cover full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses, Overseas Student Health Cover, Introductory Academic Program fees, and Pre-course English fees. Students wishing to pursue their MBBS course from TAFE institutes can also avail these scholarships.

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Programmes are awarded to international students wishing to pursue their undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in different disciplines including medicine. If you wish to study MBBS abroad with scholarships, particularly in Canada, kindly note that these awards are granted to students demonstrating outstanding academic performance and possess great leadership skills during their schooling. Candidates who have made an impact on the life of their school and community and have the ability to contribute positively to the global community will be given special consideration. Every year, around 37 international students who are awarded these scholarships to study in Canada, are honoured as the Lester B. Pearson scholars. These are the top scholarships for MBBS students covering tuition fees, books, incidental costs, and full student accommodation costs.

Harvard Medical School Scholarship

The Medical School of the all-famous Harvard University offers some of the top scholarships for MBBS students on the basis of financial needs. These awards not only cover tuition fees but also provide for other mandatory fees. One of the awards granted to MBBS students under this programme is the Dean’s REACH Scholarship Award Programme which is a four-year need-based award granted to students who wish to fund their MD studies. It is provided on the basis of Resilience, Excellence, Achievement, Compassion, and a commitment to Helping the underserved. Students eligible for this scholarship are required to enroll at the Harvard Medical School for their medicine course in order to receive funding during their MBBS studies.

Global Study Awards

The Global Study Awards provide top scholarships for MBBS students who demonstrate the following:

  • Potential to contribute to the society through their studies
  • A strong commitment to developing their career
  • Interest in increasing intercultural understanding and exchange

These awards are provided to students to pursue their studies in any country of their choice to pursue any discipline. An amount of £10,000 is allocated towards tuition fees and living costs for a period of 52 weeks.

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Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship

The Joseph Collins Foundation offers top scholarships for MBBS abroad in the US on the basis of their financial needs. Only those candidates can apply for this scholarship who:

  • Intend to specialize in neurology, psychiatry, or general practice.
  • Demonstrate an accomplishment in extracurricular activities like arts, theatre, music, writing
  • Have been nominated by the Financial Aids Office of the respected University.
  • Plan to complete their 4 year MD course without interruptions.

This scholarship is valued at an amount of $15,000, renewable annually.

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