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Manage Your Time With These Amazing Apps!

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Right from when we were younger up until this very day, we’ve come across the proverb “A stitch in time saves nine” at various moments in our life. As we grow older we realize that time truly is extremely precious. 

Time management is vital for students to avoid work piling up. How do you avoid this? Thanks to technology, there are many apps that can help you manage your time. You can schedule your work-flow, make to-do lists and schedule your time that can help you stay on track. Work becomes easier with these apps and tools for managing time. This makes meeting deadlines easier. If you are struggling with time management, this is a really good choice to make. This will help you manage all your hours of the day, giving you time to de-stress. 

Time management apps for students are very handy, as they help students to strive to be more productive. This helps them learn how to be more efficient and manage time precisely well. With highly addictive social media apps on the loose, students get easily distracted and are unable to stay focused on their studies. Special tools like these help us eliminate wasting time and manage time better. There are many time management apps especially for students today. They are available in the market as free or paid apps. They will help you boost your productivity, concentration and you’ll find more leisure time for other activities. Here are the best time management apps for students!

Time Management Apps For Students

Free Time Management Apps For Students


Evernote is one of the most popular apps for time management for students. Students can create notes, schedule events, collect clips, photos and films.. In addition, students can also create various types of multimedia presentations on this app. College students can capture their ideas, thoughts, images,  study plans and assignments. This app is very essential for students who are working and studying at the same time. 

Some benefits of the app:

  • Allows making notes of great ideas, thoughts and inspirations on the go
  • Making checklists, reminders and planning events.
  • Work in collaboration with other students 

Focus Booster:

This app helps you avoid any distractions or curb them. Your entire schedule, daily, will consist of 25 minute short sessions of breaks in between. It provides a time management method called Pomodoro Technique which breaks down your work into pieces with intervals of concentration and break time.

Some benefits of the app:

  • Track your productivity and breaks
  • Timesheets to analyze how the day was spent
  • Avoid distractions

Remember The Milk:

If you are struggling with all the tasks you have to complete and they are spread out on many different devices, this time management app for students is definitely for you. It’s an app that is compatible with a phone too! And it lets you sync all your devices. It will organize your to-do lists over all devices, making it easier to manage your time.

Benefits of the App:

  • Organizes schedules and breaks projects into sub-tasks 
  • Helps overcome procrastination
  • Information on the go within your mobile

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Paid Time Management Apps For Students

Time Tracker: actiTIME

Knowing where your time goes as a student is a very crucial part of living a university life. This app called actiTIME will help you track your time and manage it at the same time. It will help you collect information on your time expenses and then summarize the data. It provides you with detailed charts of an overview of how you spend your time. A study time management app like this one will change the way you work.

Some benefits of this app:

  • Gives exact data on how work time is used.
  • Vigorous reporting module that will give you insights to regular users, managers and business owners.
  • Produces very specific data on how time is used.

Focus Booster: Focus@Will

This app focuses on neuroscience to improve a students concentration. This app has been developed based on the knowledge of specific types of sound contributed to focusing and productivity, which has been scientifically proven. Its algorithm is developed for selecting the right music on the basis of the personality type of the student and has over 50 music channels that boost focus. Science and technology merged together has created absolutely mind blowing time management apps for students!

Some benefits of the app:

  • Rapid growth of productivity 
  • You can access it from anywhere 
  • No need to store music collections that take up space.

Weekly Planner: WeekPlan

On this app, you can create weekly schedules for teams and structure tasks based on their priority. The workload prioritizes comparing between important and urgent tasks, while making sure that the most important ones don’t get put off for a long period of time. You can structure your team tasks and quarterly goals. 

Some benefits of the app:

  • Weekly view of planned and performed work that benefits High Impact Tasks (HITs) 
  • Prioritization is smart
  • Objectives and key result tracking 
  • A weekly calendar that is visual 

Priority Planning: 135list

When everything seems to be important it is sometimes difficult to plan tasks for everyday challenges. The 135 technique helps students to get a finite number of things done. For example, planning one big task, three medium ones and five small ones per day helps break down the overload of tasks to be completed. Time and for example planning one big task, three medium ones and five small ones per day helps break down the overload of tasks to be completed. Thus, this time management app for students helps them simplify daily tasks and prioritize the ones that are urgent.

Some benefits of the app:

  • Easily manage your daily to-do lists
  • Backed by science it helps in productivity and gain focus
  • Very simple structure and user friendly 
  • Structure that helps things get done

Using one of these apps from the best apps for time management for students list. These apps will help you make time for friends and family and for those of you who stay abroad, avoid homesickness. Let’s see how you manage your time!

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Manage Your Time With These Amazing Apps!