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The Best Distance Learning PhD Programs in the UK

In this article we list out the best distance learning PhD programs in the UK

In the period following the Covid-19 outbreak and the ensuing world wide pandemic, there has been an ongoing trend for students to study and write their research programs at home as much as possible. This has lead to an increase in the number of distance learning PhD programs in the UK from various universities. A Ph.D. requires independent research more than spending time in lectures and interaction which is why learning from home is a preferable option for many students. 

A PhD taken by distance learning is a viable option for you if you have family commitments and are overburdened with work and cannot afford to relocate to an international university. Final exams for such programs may be undertaken face to face or virtually. You will be in contact with your supervisors and teachers via phone or online means. 

In these programs, you can register as a full-time or part-time student. The fees can either match those of a full-time PhD program or be offered at a reduced price. 

Make sure that the scholarships you apply for are available within your home country.

Here is a list of the best distance learning PhD programs in the UK:-

1. PhD in Accounting and Finance

This degree is offered by the University of UNICAF within London in the United Kingdom. The program aims to build a generation of progressive researchers. It is mostly an independent and self-regulated degree that require students to write a publishable thesis. It is offered full time and part time in English language.

2. PhD in Health Services Management

This PhD is offered by the University of Birmingham health services management centre for a period of 72 months part-time and 36 months full time. It aims to develop the efficiency and expertise of health service professionals in their chosen field.

3. PhD of Applied Social Research

This PhD is offered by the University of Stirling located in the United Kingdom. It aims to help students to learn how to to conduct research in the best possible and efficient manner and transform their thinking as a professional to make sure that they have a big impact in the field. It is offered full time and part time in a period ranging from 36 to 96 months. It is completely online 

4. Ph.D. in Business and Economics

Online PhD programs offered by Loughborough University’s school of business and economics located in the United Kingdom.  The program is offered for a period ranging from 72 months part-time to 36 months full time.

5. PhD in Neuroscience

Offered by the University of Sussex school of life sciences, this neuroscience PHD is a 4 year program. It is a 48-month full-time program aiming to increase the  expertise of students in the field of neurosciences.

6. Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology

The students of this program will explore in detail the four subfields of anthropology that is archaeology ethnology, physical anthropology and linguistics, which combined help us to gain a more wholesome understanding of humanities fields. It is available full time and part-time in English and Italian languages.

7. PhD in Well Being Offered by the University of Sussex

This PhD is offered by the University of Sussex school of education and social work for students who are working in the same field and are looking to cement their learning. It is available part time and full time for a period ranging from 48 to 72 months.

8. PhD in Information and Technology

This online PhD course is offered by the UNICAF university located in London. The aim of this program is to help professionals in the field become leading researchers who are independent and motivated. The students are guided by expert mentors from the IT field.

9. PhD in Marketing Management

The aim of this PhD program offered by the UNICAF university located in London is to help students learn the fine art of marketing management and make and original contributions to the field with the help of expert mentors. It is a full time online course.

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10. Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology

This Online PhD program is offered by the Selinus University of science and literature located in London, United Kingdom. Students are required to write a thesis for this PhD program that explores human societies of the historical past with the help of their material remains. This research must aid the development of archaeology as a scientific discipline. Students can refer to archaeological methods and theories from case studies of the continents of Africa Asia Australia Europe and the Americas for the course.

11. PhD in Philosophy from New Castle University

Newcastle University of the United Kingdom offers PhD programs and Mphil programs in the subject of philosophy for interested students. The PhD program can range from 72 months to 36 months depending on whether you are studying part time or full time, where are the Imphal program can last for 24 to 12 months time. 

12. PhD in 20th century British History

This online PhD program is offered by the University of Buckingham school of humanities. It is a very interesting and dynamic field for history majors who are fascinated by the British history of the twentieth century and its colonial historic implications. The PhD is a full time 36 months online program. 


Can I study PhD online in the UK?

Many universities have begun to offer fully online part-time PhD programmes in recent years. Students who need to commute to remote areas to conduct research benefit greatly from distance learning and online support. The fees can either match those of a full-time PhD programme or be significantly lower. There are a number of online PhD programmes in the UK.

How much does an online PhD cost in the UK?

A PhD degree traditionally involves students conducting original and noteworthy research in a specific field or subject before completing a publication-worthy thesis. The cost of part-time research degrees in the UK is approximately £2,298. 

How can I study online PhD in the UK?

If you have family commitments, are overburdened with work, and cannot afford to relocate to an international university, a PhD via distance learning may be a viable option for you. With the online option, you could leave the discussion group to return to work and rejoin after work if necessary. Distance learning courses can be completed from any location with internet access. If you need a vacation, you can even complete classes from the internet lounge in any hotel around the world.

What is the easiest online doctorate to get in the UK?

Doctorate programmes consist almost entirely of advanced coursework, research projects, or thesis work for practical application. These degrees will prepare you to teach at the university level or will help you advance to the forefront of your field by researching, serving, and creating. In general, education, humanities, and social sciences are regarded as the easiest doctorate degree in the UK.

We hope you enjoyed this article on distance learning PhD programs in the UK. To know more about related fields to check out our other blogs.

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In this article we list out the best distance learning PhD programs in the UK

The Best Distance Learning PhD Programs in the UK