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Smart Study Tips For Students: Studying 101

Study Tips

Study tips for students are essential because sometimes no matter how hard you study it simply feels like you aren’t cutting it! You feel what is the best way to study so that you perform well in your exams and classes. We know that this is important because the reality of college is far different from what you see in high school. The classes are more, exams are more, reading is intense and it demands much more rigorous work than you have done before. This does not mean that you will have to lag behind and always be in a constant state of stress.

Fortunately, there are smart ways to study that do not require long hours but smarter techniques. In this blog, I will help you with study tips for exams that will help you score well and does not involve rote learning. 

Study Tips For Students

Understand The Smart Study Cycle

Developed by Frank Christ, one must understand how the study cycle works. This is the best way to study that does not require tireless effort. It goes like this; Studying, previewing, attending class, reviewing, studying, and lastly checking your understanding. When you read it, each step looks obvious at first and when you do it right, it can help you study better for exams. Before you attend the classes, it is important to review the content and go, so you have a little background knowledge of the subject being discussed. Once you have that, you can learn it better in class through reading and listening then come back home and review the content and lastly study it.

This cycle is designed in such a way that a person tends to remember and understand the study material better.

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Understanding Is The Key | Study Tips

The prime reason why many students fail to study well is that they try rote learning to memorize things. But do you know that if you mindlessly try to remember something, it will not stay in your memory for a longer period? Unless you know what you have studied. 

I can not stress this enough but when you understand what you are learning first, it becomes easier to remember it. Just like when you are doing math, until and unless you don’t understand how the methods work, no matter how many times you try to solve it you will end up failing. 

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So before jumping into the cycle, read everything to understand what the study material is. Once you know what you are studying then the hard work is done, all you have to do is revise it until your exams! Take it as one of the secret study tips that many people might know but don’t understand its importance.

Space It Out | Study Tips

Imagine you have your exam in 10 days and you open your book and see there are 5 modules still left to study. How will you feel? Stressed? Well, that is pretty much obvious. But what you will try to do is read and learn them all at once so you finish up before your exams. The best way to deal with this situation is by spacing out the studying, Space apart your session throughout the day, Don’t try to cover everything at all at once. It will be crammed and add up to the pile of stress. Instead, do one thing at a time and once you learn it thoroughly, tick it out as a small achievement and then move to the next. This is one of the smart study tips that will help you in the long run. 

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Start Early 

This is one of the study tips that many people hear from their class teachers and parents but don’t really pay much attention to. Well, if you are someone who wishes to score well then starting early is your primary step. This allows you to do more in the period. You have ample time to practice, practice, practice! This is one of the study tips for exams because when you start early, you are better prepared hence ready for exams. There is no acute stress before your papers and with continuous practice, now you are much more confident with your academic goals. 

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Mistakes Are Inevitable – Learn From Them

When you test your memory by conducting tests for yourself, you will inevitably make mistakes. Mistakes are good, they are the main key to learning. When you make mistakes, you know where you need improvement and hence you learn from them. Don’t beat yourself up for repeated mistakes, you are learning and it is a process. Take it at your own pace. 

Remember that studying is important but so is your mental health. At one point, it may get exhausting and a little too much, this is when you take a break and give yourself some time off. You deserve it! An important study tip is to let yourself rest before you start studying. All the best!

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Study Tips

Smart Study Tips For Students: Studying 101