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All You Need To Know About The QS Social Responsibility Scholarship

In this article we tell you all you need to know about the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship for international students.

If you are looking for detailed information about the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship, to fund your higher studies, you have come to the right place. First, let us give you a brief background about the QS organization. 

QS Social Responsibility Scholarship

QS Organization And Its Background

The QS network i.e the Quacquarelli Symonds network was formed in the year and in subsequent years has established its name and legacy as being a global leader in providing specialized higher education and career information along with solutions to problems in the field. It is functional in around 50 countries and works with more than 2,000 leading global academic institutes. The QS network is the world’s leading provider of solutions, data analytics, analysis and insights for the education sector with a mission to enable all students in the world to actualize their academic potential through academic achievements, foreign studies and career progress.   

The QS World University Rankings feature which was started in the year 2004, has now become one of the world’s leading sources of data when it comes to global university rankings. Apart from this feature, QS also makes the QS International Student Survey – which is the world’s largest survey of the emotions, inspirations, and choices of various international students. 

QS Scholarships And The QS Social Responsibility Scholarship

The QS organization also offers a wide variety of QS scholarships worth around 7 million USD to international students across the globe. It is awarded to students who display proof of academic brilliance and achievements. A wide variety of QS scholarships are offered to students who undertake any UG, PG, or Ph.D. programs at a university in collaboration with QS. The QS Social Responsibility Scholarship is one of these scholarships.

Students are allowed to apply for any QS scholarship they are eligible for and interested in through the QS mobile application or its official website. 

QS has recently announced the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship to be awarded to deserving students. It is awarded to one worthy winner annually. The scholarship aims to identify and reward applications with an exceptional amount of environmental awareness and a strong sense of social responsibility for the greater good of society. The monetary value of the scholarship is US$ 10,000. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must fill the general criteria of QS scholarships and then the specific criteria for QS Social Responsibility Scholarship. 

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Criteria To Be Eligible To Apply 

Students must meet the following requirements to be able to apply for a QS scholarship :

  • They must have received an offer for admission from the partner QS university in Australia, UK, or another country within the deadline for the scholarship.
  • Must apply to the program they are interested in one year before its start. 
  • They must have accepted the admission offer before the announcement of the scholarship winner names by the QS organisation.

This is the general criteria. The specific criteria for being eligible for the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship is:-

  1. You need to attend a major or main QS event like their World Graduation School Tour, World MBA Tour, Connect MBA event, Connect Masters event, etc.
  2. Must be starting your first year of study at the chosen masters course in the next academic year
  3. You must be studying for a masters course except for an MBA 
  4. The scholarship amount must be used for paying your tuition fees.

If you fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria, QS has the right to exclude you from the scholarship selection procedure.

The Scholarship Essay And How To Write It

To apply for the scholarship, students must write a brilliant and well thought out and structured essay on the following topic/Question-

“What positive changes do you believe can be made or have you made to improve the environment and/or your society, and how can you personally contribute or have you contributed to these changes?”

The word limit for this essay is 500 words. The deadline to submit this application is the 30th of April each year.

 At the beginning of the essay, you need to write your Please indicate your full name, scholarship title you are applying for, and the QS fair or event you have attended. These words are not counted in the word limit.

The scholarship selection committee for the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship evaluates all applications and selects the winners based on the parameters of academic achievements and the quality of essays.

The essay provides the students with a chance to prove their talents and competency to the selection committee. The best essays are chosen and judged by the parameters of their structure, content quality, word limit and grammar quality.

The essays are judged on the following basis-

  • 20% structure of the essay and the format of the essay
  • 80 % relevance of the content and quality of the content.

What Happens After You Are Selected?

The selected students for the scholarship will be contacted by the QS Scholarships Team approximately 2-3 weeks after the scholarship deadline ends. Since the volume of applications is very high, only the selected candidates are contacted. As it is not possible to contact every candidate individually in case of rejection of their application.

We hope you enjoyed this article and gained insights into the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship. To know more about related fields do check out our other blogs.

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In this article we tell you all you need to know about the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship for international students.

All You Need To Know About The QS Social Responsibility Scholarship