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Online Masters Degree in the UK- A Complete Guide

online degrees in Ireland

For people looking for higher education from the comfort of their homes without having to disrupt their daily lives and routines and moving far away, distance learning programs come as a boon. Today, you can have some of the world’s best courses available online on your fingertips. You can learn at your own pace, at your own time without the intense pressures that come with offline degrees. For those looking to complete their master’s degree online, the universities in the United Kingdom offer a wide variety of top-notch courses to choose from. In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting a master’s degree online from a UK university, and give you a list of the best colleges and courses to opt for an online masters degree UK.

Process of Applying for Online Masters Degree UK

The process of enrolling for an online master’s degree UK or distance learning masters UK is more or less quite simple and transparent. Once you select the university and course you want to opt for after proper research, you can apply for the course either directly through the university site or through third-party learning platforms like Coursera, EdX, Udemy, etc. The courses may be free or charge a certain amount as fees, which can be paid or be financed by scholarships, and you will have to fulfill some previously established criteria to be eligible for admission like undergraduation field, minimum CGPA, etc.

Once you are shortlisted, the course begins and the time frame of the course depends on your personal discretion of schedule and learning speed. The course will be taught through video lectures, assignments, ebooks, and online study materials and examinations in some cases. Once you complete the degree, you will be issued your certificate which in most cases holds as much value as an offline degree. 

Most sought After Online Masters Degrees in the UK

While the online master’s degree you opt for will ultimately be a personal choice depending on the need and relevance of the course for you subjectively, here is a list of the most sought after online masters courses in the UK to help and guide you to make the best choice:- 

  • MSC- Master of Science and Technology with specializations in computer science, data science, health science, legal technology, engineering fields, etc. 
  • MA- Master of Arts in literature, law, social sciences, psychology and other humanities fields.
  • Master of Education- M.Ed to aid you in advancing your teaching career.
  • MBA- Masters of Business Administration in marketing, finance, human resources, etc. to advance your corporate career. 

Best Universities for Online Masters Degree UK- 

University of Oxford

The esteemed Oxford University offers a range of selected master’s courses through online learning. All the online postgrad courses available at the university are backed by its Department of Continuing Education. The courses offered include history, archaeology, urban development, medical sciences and advanced research degrees. 

London School of Business 

The London School of Business, one of the top business schools in the world that offers a good variety of flexible online masters courses, which can last for 1-3 years. The course can be started at any one of the pre-decided four entry points per year, giving students the freedom of choice and a lot of convenience. An online MBA from this institute is highly coveted. It can be done in finance, marketing, HR, leadership, digital innovation, etc. Of all the types of online masters degree UK has to offer, LBS offers some of the finest.

University of Edinburgh

This university has a significant amount of post graduation courses available for distance learning. Under the category of “ online masters programs UK  colleges’ ‘ the ones offered by the University of Edinburgh include the fields of various medical sciences, law, international development, and history and cultural studies among social sciences. 

Glasgow Caledonian University  

Glasgow Caledonian University offers an MSc. in International Banking, finance and risk management which is incredibly valuable, useful and affordable. The university works in collaboration with various companies like Morgan Stanley and the Royal Bank of Scotland to place its students in good positions and to authenticate its academic programs. If you want to opt for a distance MSC in Finance, this university is one of the best available options. This is on the list of cheapest online masters degree UK offers.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers a wide range of distance learning courses and has been doing so for a long period of time, making its degrees valuable and worthy. The courses may be fully or partially online and are available in various fields such as engineering, business administration, medical sciences, law and real estate, etc. This is one of the best distance learning masters the UK has to offer.

King’s College London

King’s College London offers several online masters courses with six entry points to the online courses throughout the year, making it a very flexible choice. The subject areas available for postgraduate study online include Global Finance and Banking, Law, International Affairs, Marketing, Public Health, and Cyber Security.

The Online Business School

The Online Business School in the UK  offers a seven-level qualification in business and strategic management. This program credits students with 120 credits of the 180 needed for an MBA. After earning these credits, students become eligible to apply for the complete MBA program, which just involves completing an additional module or writing a dissertation to earn their MBA degree. The course is taught by experts who personally mentor the students, making it almost as efficient as an on campus-course. This is one of the cheapest online masters degree UK offers.

University of Birmingham

This university offers a wide range of great courses for students worldwide. The master’s courses available at the University of Birmingham includes the following fields- energy environmental law, international business and business administration, and also public administration. It has some of the best online masters degrees the UK has to offer.

University of Leeds

This university of Leeds is an esteemed one offering a variety of efficient distance learning courses and is famous for its master’s degree in Engineering Project Management. They also offer various postgraduate courses in the field of medicine. This is a very important university on the list of online masters programs the UK offers.

We hope this list helps you get a better understanding of the online masters degree the UK has to offer.  If you are interested to know more about related fields, do read :- 

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online degrees in Ireland

Online Masters Degree in the UK- A Complete Guide