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Money Saving Meals I Bet You Didn’t Think Of

Money Saving Meals

There’s nothing better than spending time with friends and family on a weekend enjoying a home cooked meal. Truly, there’s something about the ambience, the laughter and the feeling of creating memories, getting the most out of being in the comfortable space of your home. In addition to that, cooking at home is at the top of the money saving meals that we can prepare, apart from eating meals that are too good to go at restaurants that are sold at a lower price. 

Here’s a List Of Things You Can Do To Save Money On Food 

Money Saving Meals In The UK:

Womble For Money Saving Meals and Shopping 

Perhaps the lesser known method of saving money, earning loyalty points and redeeming awards offered by supermarkets is the method of wombling. You can earn free meals, get discounts and participate in lucky draws using old used receipts.

The concept of wombling was inspired by The Wombles theme tune: Making use of the things that we find, things that everyday folks leave behind. 

Lookout for barcodes that you can scan, however, do avoid using receipts that have markings, punches and holes as they might already be used. 

Wombling can help you a great deal if you regularly shop at supermarkets and want to make the most of your purchases. Supermarkets such as Tesco, Aldi and Sainsbury’s allow you to redeem two receipts per day but you can scan four bills in a day if you get a hold of discarded receipts and present it. 

Live On A £10 For A Week Challenge 

You can still be successful in this challenge if you don’t spend in Pounds. The point of a £10 challenge is to make arrangements for the entire week. From Monday to Sunday, all you can spend on food is £10 and that is possible. Here is a list of items you can buy under £10: 

  • Oats or porridge bag 
  • Tin of coffee 
  • Can of baked beans 
  • Long grain rice
  • Vegetables: Mushrooms, Tomato, Onion, Bell Peppers
  • Seasoning: Garlic, Cheese and Sauce 
  • Pack of pasta  that serves one. 
  • Eggs & bread. 
  • Full pack of chicken pieces

Money Saving Meals

Keep in mind that all supermarkets have a different price range. However the above mentioned products are the cheapest products available in all stores across the UK. In addition to that, you might be wondering how you will pull out 21 meals (7 days x 3 meals) from this short list of items. If you plan your meals correctly and use proper portions you will be able to make multiple meals out of the same pack you bought. For example, a can of baked beans can be used in your breakfast as well as an addition to your pasta. Following this procedure will help you in preparing money saving meals. 

Download The Too Good To Go App. 

 This app helps you find the unsold found around your nearest restaurants where you can buy the food for a cheaper price. The Too Good to Go App has helped UK’s community in reducing food waste by adding customers to the loop of their supply chain of food retail.  

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Money Saving Meals In The USA: 

Switch To A Healthy Diet And Stick To It! 

According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, making healthy choices in food can help you save money. Eating foods that have a high calorie rate but are small in portion or size tend to help you save money on meals. Even though healthier foods offer reduced portion sizes, they do not compromise on it’s nutrition value.

When I ask you to stick to a healthy balanced diet, I also mean that you do not make additions to your meal. Stay away from the word “extra” or “on the side”. If you feel like drinking something and you’d usually buy a diet coke, make an attempt to search for a healthier alternative such as Mott’s Tomato Cocktail available for $1.39 as compared to a $2 coke. 

Say Yes To Munching. 

Munching is more often than not treated as an unhealthy practice. Why? Because you’re eating out of schedule and if you eat too much you might skip a meal. Munching is often confused with binge eating and often associated with unhealthy foods. 

The best way to differentiate between munching and binging is asking yourself.. Are you really hungry? Or are you just bored? When we’re bored we often prepare ourselves for an evening where we’re clinging on to our comfort food and watching our favorite episodes. On the other hand, we usually munch when we are hungry.

It’s that time between breakfast and lunch where it’s too early for a complete meal and too late for a cup of coffee. Munching is a great way to fill your stomach with healthy snacks. You don’t always have to dip your hands in an oily bag of Lay’s and call it an interim snack. Things like mixed nuts, sought vegetables and fruits of the season can fill your body with vital minerals and nutrients. As a result of eating healthy, you will find yourself eating just enough to keep your energy levels at a maximum as opposed to eating too much. Fruits and dry fruits will help you increase your sugar levels and keep you agile for a longer time. 

And besides, nobody minds munching on the small nature’s candies as opposed to munching on packaged food items that make a lot of noise as you’re trying to reach out for chips. 

Prepare Money Saving Meals During Holiday Season!

Money Saving Meals

There’s no denying that most students have saved money on meals during the Christmas holidays of 2020. Most of us were isolated and the ones who weren’t were forced to stay home due to the worldwide lockdown. The roads were empty and all restaurants shut, the world had never heard such silence before. Well, it was a blessing in disguise as we spent most of our time at home, enjoying home cooked meals. Some of you may even be thinking about alternative things to do after graduation, or preparing yourself to take admissions into universities. 

Having been unable to travel for an entire year, it is difficult to break the monotony of eating home cooked meals everyday. But it’s not the same if we explore a new cuisine each day. If there’s one thing that the pandemic has done for us , it is that it has given us ample time to explore! 

Here are some money saver holiday meals and activities  you can try out to help you make the most out of your budget: 

Flaunt Your Lockdown Breakthrough! 

Now that we can meet our friends again, organising a potluck for the holiday is a great way to organise your dinner while socialising and saving money! Think of it as your own personal buffet..with close friends and family. You can prepare the ultimate Mince Pie and Curry Rice you learnt during the lockdown. 

The Sale Is Worth The Wait. 

If you want to organise a fun Christmas party for yourself or even some of your close friends, you must always wait for the sale! Be an early bird and always the last one to leave the store. Brands during winter sales are generous in giving and encouraging as much consumption as possible. 

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Money Saving Meals

Money Saving Meals I Bet You Didn’t Think Of