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MBA In Malta – All You Need To Know

MBA In Malta

Malta has developed into a strong economic community over the years and continues to do so. This country has a lot of growth potential as a popular tourist destination and a participant in the foreign commerce and manufacturing industries. It is also noted for having a financially healthy banking sector and a low debt-to-GDP ratio. There are also initiatives in the works to deploy ways to boost federal revenue and foreign investment. All of these things combine to make studying business in Malta a wise decision. If you choose to do MBA in Malta then this is the right choice for you. 

Universities In Malta | MBA In Malta

Malta is home to a number of governmental and private universities. The largest and most well-known institution is the University of Malta, which is open to the general public. A number of the universities have primary campuses in the capital, Valletta, as well as satellite branches around Malta. Some of the schools specialise in business, while others provide a diverse range of programmes. 

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Furthermore, some schools concentrate on undergraduate courses for MBA in Malta, while others provide a mix of advanced and undergraduate programmes. Although business doctoral degrees are not generally available, other related fields such as economics and finance are. Each sort of degree has a different academic school year. A bachelor’s degree typically takes three years to complete, a master’s degree takes one year, and a doctorate takes four years to complete.

MBA In Malta Fees

In Malta, there is no predetermined fee for attending school. Several factors influence the price, including whether a student attends a private or public school, whether they study on campus or at home, and the cost of books, lodging and board, supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses. You can choose to do a part-time job to support your expenses while studying.

The academic year may be divided into two or three semesters, depending on the degree programme. A bachelor’s degree, for example, typically consists of six semesters finished over three years, whereas a master’s degree consists of three semesters completed in one year. This may also differ depending on the institution. According to select your university, the annual course fees can be up to INR 5 Lakhs.

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Here Are Some Quick Course Details For MBA In Malta

Intake for MBBS CourseAugust
IELTS/TOEFLYes, Compulsory
Course Duration2 to 2.5 years
Work ExperienceMinimum of 2 years
Annual Course Fees – Malta MBA FeesINR 5 lakhs upwards
Types of MBA ProgramFull-time/Executive MBA

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Why Should You Choose Malta To Study MBA?

  • Malta’s MBA degree is internationally recognised.
  • Study under the guidance of a renowned professor in a cutting-edge learning environment.
  • Classrooms that are well equipped, as well as lodging options.
  • You can access over 50,000 online study materials while studying MBA in Malta.
  • Beyond the fundamental academic performance, MBA schools in Malta provide a dynamic environment by responding to different ethnicities and cultures.
  • Case studies, open conversations, and solution finds are used to teach.

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Top University To Study MBA In Malta

UniversitiesAnnual Fees Type Of The ProgrammeDuration
Global College MaltaINR 8.26 LakhsFull-Time2  years
American University Of MaltaINR 5.3 LakhsFull-Time2 years
Henley Business School Malta INR 5.95 LakhsExecutive MBA2.5 years
London School Of Commerce MaltaINR 5.89 LakhsFull Time2 years

Documents Required: 

  • Certificate of Matriculation
  • A copy of the pertinent mark sheets (10th, 12th, bachelor)
  • A copy of your passport, a copy of your official invitation letter, a copy of your passport, a copy of your application.
  • Certificate of work experience
  • For admission, candidates studying in the United States should submit copies of transcripts with an average GPA of 2.0.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applying for an MBA in Malta requires meeting the following qualifying criteria:

  • Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree with honours.
  • With the following grades, the applicant should pass the English language competency test. You must pass your entrance exam to study abroad.
  • Working professionals should be required to present a work experience certificate in their respective specialist sectors. IELTS-6.5 TOEFL-79 PTE-55 iTEP-4.0

Admission Process For Applying MBA In Malta 

The following are the simple admissions steps for applying for an MBA in Malta:

Step 1: Fill out the online application form in the first step. Original copies of documents with proper information should be submitted.

Step 2: Await the outcome of the application review. The approval process usually takes a few weeks.

Step 3: Request an invitation letter from the university and pay the requisite entrance deposit.

Step 4: Submit an application for a visa.

Step 5: After receiving your visa confirmation, notify the university of your expected arrival time.

Note: All applicants who meet all of the prerequisites except the English proficiency standards will be granted conditional admission.

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MBA In Malta

MBA In Malta – All You Need To Know