Intakes In The USA: A Guide To Applying

USA or the land of opportunities. This country would certainly be in the minds of any student that is looking to study abroad. I mean why not right? Top-ranking institutes, world-class companies, diverse people, amazing geography, etc, these are the benefits of studying in the US. You may already be on your toes preparing for one of the next intakes in the USA but time can be your greatest enemy or friend. Starting early is always better than last minute. Therefore here is a guide that helps you with your preparation process.

Things To Do A Year In Advance

Research about Universities/Programs

Your main intention to go to the USA is for higher education and it goes without saying that locking down on a college/university and programme is crucial early on. This not only helps you filter out your career path but provides enough buffer if you decide to change it. The best ways are by visiting college websites, checking with a college advisor or even directly contacting the college. Through this, you can select colleges based on location, tuition fees, intakes in the USA, etc.

Preparing/Writing the Exams

Once you have decided on your university and programme the next step would be to prepare and apply for the various exams. The language exams TOEFL/IELTS are widely accepted regardless of the intakes in the USA and apart from this, specific exams like the GRE and GMAT are needed for certain programmes. The scores of these exams are valid for a couple of years and they can be taken online or offline.

Apply for the college

Applying for the selected colleges should be part of the early process. It is a good practice to apply for multiple institutes, so as to not rely on a single response. The application process is commonly done online and at times also comprises online interviews. A set of documents would also be required by the institute. Submitting an excellent SOP is paramount to getting selected especially if it is the fall intake in the USA.


Funds are necessary when moving to the USA and it is mandatory to have a certain amount in the bank before travelling too. Calculating every amount from purchases, flight tickets, tuition fees, accommodation and a safety reserve is well-needed. Sometimes, May intake universities in USA might have lower fees than September intake ones. Therefore acquiring loans and scholarships should be done in advance.

Things To Do 3 Months In Advance


Once the university has finalised your admissions for your preferred intakes in the USA finding accommodation is an essential component. This could range from hostels/dorms to houses, it could be shared or independent, and it could be on campus or off campus. It is best to see what apps/websites are used for this locally in the area and jump on them, social media could be of great help here too.

Applying for Visa

Student Visa comes in three types for all of the intakes in the USA, namely F1, M1 and J1. It is ideal to apply for a Visa 2 months before travelling and the general processing time can extend from anywhere between 3 days to a couple of weeks.

Flight tickets

The closer you get to the date the costlier the ticket prices will be. Regardless of which of the intakes in the USA you have opted for, it is optimal if you land a week or two before the initial day in the institute. This would provide time to get accustomed to the area.

Things To 1 Month In Advance

Whether it is the winter intake in the USA or the fall, the last few weeks should be relaxed, and none of the heavy work should be pending or kept during this period. This time is to organise all the documents that you might need from the flight to the first day of class. Any essential purchases can be done for your stay there, like clothes, accessories, decor, medicines, etc. Moreover, relax and embrace the fact of moving to a new country and facing new opportunities.


Q1. What is the number of intakes in the USA for the year 2023?

Ans: The intakes are divided into 3 seasons, there is the Fall intake, the Spring intake and the Summer intake in the USA. The fall intake happens in the months of August to December, the Spring intake happens from January to April and the Summer intake happens from May to August.

Q2. Which is the best intake among the intakes in the USA for international students?

Ans: The most popular intake is usually the Fall intake since most of the universities open admissions to all of their courses. There will be a lot more freedom of choice when it comes to selecting universities and programs. The Spring intake in the USA has few open programs compared to the Fall intake, while the summer intake has the lowest.

Q3. What are the disadvantages of March intakes in the USA?

Ans: The March or the Summer intake is generally the least favoured intake. This is mainly due to there not being many universities that have their courses open during this season. On the contrary, the few selective universities that do have courses open have a higher acceptance rate since the number of applicants applying is less for March intake universities in the USA.

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