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6 Tricks On How To Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests?

how to pass a numerical reasoning test

Do you heave a sigh of relief when you’re given a multiple-choice question and your answer tallies with one among the 4 options? Me too! That’s the same level of satisfaction you’ll get when you ace a numerical reasoning test as well! I know numbers and graphs can turn into your worst nightmares and you might get all panicky before giving a test but we’re here today to resolve your crisis. Our tricks on how to pass a numerical reasoning test will make you a winner in this game of playing with numbers. So, let’s get started!

What Are Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Tests?

Numerical reasoning tests are conducted in order to assess a candidate’s ability to handle and interpret data. Your ability to deal with numbers is judged on the basis of your knowledge on ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation, financial analysis and currency conversion. How to pass a numerical reasoning test may seem a little tricky initially, but if you follow our numerical test tips, I’m certain you’ll get the hang of it.

How Will This Numerical Reasoning Test Guide Benefit Me?

Numerical Reasoning Tests are means for employers to decide whether you have the potential in you to suit the requirements of that particular job or not. The questions posed in these tests are based on the particulars of a given job function, such as determining profit margin or estimating material quantities. Numerical reasoning tests are also a good measure of how well an individual works under pressure. With our tips on how to pass a numerical reasoning test, you can up your number game and ace your test.  Employers want to know that you can perform well in any given circumstance, and since these assessments are timed, they demonstrate your ability to interpret data and draw accurate conclusions at speed. One can easily crack a numerical reasoning test with help.

Many universities look at a student’s statement of purpose and their ability to receive scholarships before considering them as eligible enough to get through. Likewise, employers consider these tests as a major eligibility criterion before recruitment.

Numerical Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks

how to pass a numerical reasoning test

#1 Brush Up Your Arithmetic Skills

Numerical Reasoning Tests are not the same as those scary math exams we had during our school days. If you have a good grip on your basic math skills, how to pass a numerical reasoning test will be a cakewalk for you. No! You obviously do not require calculus and trigonometry to scare you for this. As per our numerical reasoning tips, some of the most widely used mathematical calculations for this test include:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Averages
  • Percentages
  • Ratios

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#2 Numerical Reasoning Test Calculator Is Your ‘BFF’

Most of the numerical tests permit the usage of a calculator, either provided by the test centers or your own. If you’re getting a calculator of your own, acquaint yourself with every function of the calculator so that you don’t land up in a pool of frustration during your test as the time ticks by. If you know your calculator well; you can work faster. If you work fast, then you can crack how to pass a numerical reasoning test with help.

# 3 Do Not Miss Out On The Details

With time restrictions, you will be working under pressure. But employees are also going to assess you on how well you handle it. More often than not, working in haste tends to scale up your pressure levels and you miss out on minute details. Do not get carried away by that. Read the question thoroughly and manage your time well enough to check, cross-check and double-check your answer sheet once that consists of several units, measurements, and currencies.

# 4 Pay Attention To Distractors

One of the finest numerical reasoning tips and tricks for how to pass a numerical reasoning test would be to pay close attention to distractors. When the answer options are very similar to each other and may vary only by a few decimal points or are just a minus plus away from each other, you should understand that it is a mind game to mislead you. If you systematically solve your question by approaching it logically, then focus on what’s relevant and dismiss any red herrings.

 # 5 Do Not Stick To A Particular Problem

Problems can be challenging at times especially when you haven’t practised enough. Do not get stuck there. Move on to other questions and answer them first. Approach the tough ones last otherwise, neither will you be able to complete the challenging ones, nor will you do justice to the ones you know. 

# 6 Practice, Practice, And Practice

That’s the key! The more practice papers you solve, the better you will get at how to pass a numerical reasoning test. Make sure you give yourself enough time to solve at least 10 to 15 practice papers. Moreover, in the beginning of every numerical test, you will be given one or two practice problems to give you a rough idea of the structure of the paper. Make sure to use that wisely and study them well. 

To help you understand what kind of questions you can be asked, below’s a sample question for you. Do not worry! You are not going to be evaluated for this but there’s no harm in giving it a try!

Sample Question

Take a look at the graph below depicting the unemployment levels in different cities of the UK for 3 consecutive years.

Source: Practice Aptitude Tests

Now that you have studied the graph, we will ask you a question for which you will have to choose an option as your answer. The question goes by – 

If there were 50,000 people employed in Blackpool in 2021 what is the ratio of employed to unemployed people in that year?

A) 25:1
B) 12.5:1
C) 10:1
D) 8.33:1

If you have chosen option C i.e. 10:1 as your answer, then I think you are getting the hang of how to crack a numerical reasoning test. 


What are numerical reasoning tests?

Numerical reasoning tests are used to evaluate a candidate’s ability to manipulate and interpret data. Your numerical aptitude is assessed and based on your understanding of ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation, financial analysis, and currency conversion. 

How do you pass a numerical reasoning test?

Employers use Numerical Reasoning Tests to determine whether you have the potential to meet the requirements of a specific job. To pass a numerical reasoning test you must brush up your arithmetic skills, make the numerical reasoning test your BFF, avoid missing minute details, pay attention to distractions, avoid sticking to a particular problem, and practice a lot. 

Are numerical reasoning tests hard?

The difficulty level of numerical reasoning tests is determined by two major factors: job levels and occupations. Aptitude testing companies create numerical reasoning tests with varying levels of difficulty and use corresponding benchmarks to ensure that the test is relevant to specific occupations and levels and accurately measures candidates’ capabilities and potential against these.

What is a good score in numerical reasoning tests?

A numerical reasoning test will have a distinct perspective of a good score based on the test providers and the company. In most cases, a good score is between the 73 and 90 percentile scores.

How to prepare for numerical reasoning tests?

As you can see, numerical reasoning test questions require a strong understanding of basic math operations and how to apply them. So, one of the best ways to prepare for the test is to ensure that you are familiar with and confident in all of the numerical concepts.

I hope this blog on How To Pass A Numerical Reasoning Test was useful to you. If you find tips, tricks, and guides helpful, make sure to read these blogs:

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how to pass a numerical reasoning test

6 Tricks On How To Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests?