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Here’s How To Make Friends At A University

how to make friends at a university

A friend in need is a friend indeed! You only get to live the life of a student once so make sure you make the most of it while you’re there. Starting a new journey at a university, especially in a study abroad country may seem terrifying initially. But as you go about socializing and making friends, you’ll gradually get over the culture shock, homesickness, and coping up problems. Our pro tips on how to make friends at a university will help you at times of crisis and you can thank me later for secretly introducing you to your new best friend.

How To Find Friends In A University?

how to make friends at a university

Be Out There

Studying in a university gives you all sorts of experiences because you meet students from different walks of life. So when you join your institution, do not leave a chance to experiment with things. Try windsurfing, yoga, ballroom dancing, volunteering or simply saying ‘hi!’ and asking ‘how’s your day been?’ It’ll be a nice and an interesting learning experience for you. Understanding how to make friends at a university is not rocket science if you are out there. Also, try smiling at people around you as a means of acknowledging their presence and wishing them a good day. It’s a nice practice that will make you feel good about yourself.

Make Use Of Social Media

Source: Oberlo

3 hours on social media can give you so many friends! I’ll tell you how. I’m sure you love your social media, scrolling through memes, updating your current status, double-tapping on those eye-catching aesthetic pictures, and spamming your friend’s accounts with comments. Make use of your social media by joining your University Facebook pages and Twitter accounts which can help you learn your ‘would-be’ friend’s names. Isn’t this a smart tip for how to make friends at a university? Moreover, you’ll also get to  know what events are coming up so that students like you can make sure that you have time in your (now very busy) schedule!

How To Make New Friends In A University: Join A Club

You can easily crack how to make friends at a university through memberships at various clubs at your campus which are meant for helping you to socialize with a different set of people apart from your regular classmates. There is, thankfully, a club for everyone at a university – from sports teams and drama to the more wacky hobbies. These give the best chance to meet other people who are also looking to make friends. Best of all, you  might already have something in common with the people you meet which provides the ideal icebreaker. And usually, societies and accommodations will host lots of meetups, so you can get to know everyone better while bonding over their shared interests.

Stay Bias-Free

You must have a set criteria that you feel that your potential friend could fit into. It is a natural tendency for students like you to want to mix up with people belonging to the same nationality especially when you’re amidst an international population. Do not let that hold you back. University is full of all different kinds of people and you shouldn’t make snap judgements about anyone before getting to know them. Friendships can spring up in the most unlikely of places if you master how to make friends at a university. Try and make a few friendship circles in different areas of your student life, such as people from your class, in the clubs that you join and in and around your accommodation. This means you’ll always have someone to call if you need company, and guarantee you’ll never have a dull moment!

Visit Fests And Events

how to make friends at a university

One way of dealing with how to make friends at a university would be through rigorous participation in college fests and events. You must take advantage of the first few weeks of the university as much as possible because that’s when you’ll have lesser boring lectures and more interesting ice-breaking sessions. Friendship groups won’t have fully formed yet, so this is often the best time to make friends. While not all students have travelled thousands of miles for their studies, most will have left home for the first time and will be just as keen to find a friendly face.

How to Make Friends At A Uni Living At Home: Host Parties

Do you prefer having wine and dine sessions as in dominoes with a couple of beers or some red wine and chicken? Either way, hosting parties is a super interesting way to socialize. You’ll never know when one of those drinking games may turn out in your favour and teach you ways on how to make friends at a university. Also try making dinner as a part of your communal activity in your new home. It’s the perfect excuse to get everyone out of their rooms and have fun in the kitchen. Even if you are not a confident cook, you should not panic! You can always take turns cooking with your housemates or cheat and buy some ready meals! Most people will just be happy to share something simple, especially if they are sharing a dish from their home country.

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how to make friends at a university

Here’s How To Make Friends At A University