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How To Get A Netherlands Masters Scholarship

The Netherlands is one of the popular destinations for higher education. This is mainly because of the affordable costs of studies and living expenses. Pursuing masters is made easier because Netherlands Masters scholarships are offered by almost all universities in the country. Moreover, the country offers innovative teaching methods that are acknowledged worldwide. The Netherlands is also known for its multicultural environment and this is possible only because the education system of the country encourages teamwork. The teamwork approach followed by the universities of Netherlands has made it easier for international students to adapt to the cultural diversity of the country. 

Here is a list of the top Netherlands Masters Scholarships

Netherlands masters Scholarships

Orange Knowledge Scholarships | Netherlands Masters Scholarship

This scholarship aims to develop students to become contributors to the society’s sustainable and inclusive development. This is especially for mid-career professionals who either want to pursue short courses or masters programs.  

Eligibility for Orange Knowledge Scholarships: 

  • You should be a citizen of one of the following countries or should be working in:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen and Zambia.

  • You should be a professional with demonstrated experience in your field. 
  • Enrolled into a short course (2 weeks to 12 months) or
  • Enrolled into a masters program (12 months to 24 months)
  • You must already have a letter of acceptance from one of the Dutch Universities
  • You must also keep yourself updated with the latest guidelines on information for applicants

Erasmus University Holland Scholarships | Netherlands Masters Scholarship

This scholarship is meant for students from outside the European Economic Area. The scholarship is financed and supported by The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and EUC. The scholarship amounts to €5,000 that are paid in monthly instalments for the first year at EUC. This scholarship covers Bachelor’s and Master’s levels of study. 

Eligibility for Erasmus University Holland Scholarship: 

  • You should apply for a Liberal Arts & Science Bachelor Program at EUC. 
  • You should be a non EEA-National 
  • You should be an excellent student with a minimum of 8.0 on a grading scale of 1 to 10. 
  • This should be your first time studying at a university in the Netherlands. 

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

Excellent students who belong to the non-EEA regions wanting to pursue their higher studies at Leiden University are eligible for this scholarship. This Netherlands master scholarship is applicable to students who are studying the fields of Archaeology, Humanities, Medicine, Law, Global Affairs, Social and Behavioural Sciences. However, the scholarship is not limited to these fields. 

Eligibility For Leiden University Excellence: 

  • You must not belong to the EEA region and should want to pursue your Masters at Leiden University.
  • Students from all nationalities can apply for this scholarship if they aim to pursue LLM Advanced Studies Program. 

Application Process:

  • Apply for admissions for a masters at Leiden University. 
  • You must mention the need for a scholarship on your online application.
  • You must write a motivation letter which is similar to a statement of purpose for scholarships. You can learn how to master writing a statement of purpose for scholarships. The motivation letter must not exceed 500 words. 
  • If you wish to apply for more than one program, you must mention it in your online application and submit a motivation letter for each. 

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships | Netherlands Masters Scholarship

This award is granted to exceptional students outside Europe to study masters in the University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship offers a full scholarship amounting to  €25,000 that covers a full tuition fees and living expenses. 

Students who are studying in the following fields of study are eligible:

  • Child Development and Education
  • Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Psychology
  • Law 
  • Humanities
  • Economics and Business
  • Communication

Eligibility Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships:

  • You should be a non-EU resident to citizen 
  • You should have exceptional academic  records. 
  • You can be a graduate from any background who has finished in the top 10% of their class. 
  • The scholarship is granted only if there is relevance between your choice of study and your career. 

Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students 

Through this scholarship for masters in the Netherlands, Radboud University aims to attract talented students from around the world (Non-EEA, Non-EU). Radboud offers 12 fully funded scholarships and 25 partially funded scholarships. This Netherland masters scholarship is only applicable for masters programs. 

Value of this scholarship:

  • The fully funded scholarship covers a tuition fee of €16,000 and living costs of €10,800. 
  • The partially funded scholarship brings down the tuition fee to € 2,168. This means you only have to pay € 2,168 for a course that might cost €10,000.

Eligibility for Radboud Scholarship Program: 

  • You must not hold an EU or EEA passport
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree that’s gained outside the Netherlands. Secondly, you must not have any degrees obtained from the Netherlands.
  • You should be enrolled into an English taught programme before applying for this scholarship.
  • You must be enrolled as a full time student at Radboud University.

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How To Get A Netherlands Masters Scholarship