How To Apply To Harvard University

December 5, 2022

Harvard University is a place of innovation, merit, humility, knowledge and aspirations. Part of the top 1% of best universities in the world, the first university in America and a reputation that far exceeds it, it is fair to consider every aspiring person would wonder how to apply for Harvard University. Students who get into Harvard University have a body of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication behind them. It is definitely not a cakewalk to get into Harvard but it surely is not unachievable, else the entire university would be empty. In this blog, we have put together steps on how to apply to Harvard University.

First and foremost let us get one thing aside, applying to Harvard University is definitely not a short-term process. Harvard focuses on academics and extra-circulars and with an acceptance rate of just 4.7%, one has to be preparing for Harvard right from an early point in life before figuring out how to apply at Harvard university.

General Understanding Of The Requirements For Harvard

The eligibility criteria before knowing how to apply to Harvard University are as follows:

  • Best grades throughout your academic years (4.18 GPA or higher).
  • Good involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • An SAT score of 1580 or an ACT score of 35.

How To Apply To Harvard University

The actual application part is very straightforward and simple, it is primarily done online: 

  • The first step would be to fill out the application, Harvard’s applications are processed through the Common App. You would need to create an account on the Common App to proceed with the application.
  • The application requirements such as academic transcripts, family background documents, and personal documents/achievements/accolades need to be provided. Other requirements such as details about supporters like teachers, mentors, managers, etc are necessary in case certain proofs are to be attained from them.
  • The next step would be to answer specific questions from Harvard towards your application. This would provide more information about you to the panel while assessing. 
  • There would be an application fee of 85$ during the process. However, with Harvard emphasising affordability to everyone, this fee can be waived if certain criteria are met.
  • SAT or ACT scores are a base necessity when researching how to apply to Harvard University. You will need to attach your score sheet to your application. 
  • A great school report along with the transcripts is to be added during this process. Apart from this, you would also need teacher reports on the application.


Q1. Is it hard to get into Harvard University?

Ans: Harvard is one of the top universities in the world with world-class amenities. It will definitely not be easy to get into Harvard and will be challenging. You need to have not only a good academic history but also good extra-curricular development too. However, nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it, with hard work, determination and drive it is surely achievable.

Q2. Why is Harvard University so prestigious? 

Harvard is one of the top universities in the world and is world-renowned. The university has some of the best facilities, faculty and infrastructure. It is also highly research-oriented which has a direct impact on society and in turn the world. How to apply to Harvard university will definitely be a question every student would have due to the institute’s high reputation.

Q3. How can I apply for Harvard University for medicine? 

Ans: Harvard has many different institutes specializing in various branches and Harvard school of medicine is one of them. The procedure for how to apply to Harvard University of medicine remains the same as the regular university with only a few differences. The application process is done through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) which evaluates it based on many factors. There is a fee of 100$ for this application.

Q4. How to apply for a scholarship at Harvard University?

Ans: Harvard might be an Ivy League college but it still makes sure finance is not something that bogs down a top student from gaining academic excellence. If your application to study at Harvard is approved then the university provides financial aid based on family income and other financial assessments. There are chances that your education at Harvard could be absolutely free too. 

Q5. How to apply to Harvard University as an international student?

Ans: The process of applying to Harvard is not very complicated, it is just like any other university. Most of the process is done online which includes filling up an application, submitting documents, answering questions and a fee of 85$. When researching how to apply to Harvard University keep in mind that there are many just like you. Your application will be among a huge group of aspirants who desire to get into Harvard, therefore, your application should stand out.

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