How To Apply For An Australia PR

December 3, 2022

It takes months or even years of hard work, tiring days, and exhaustive research to achieve your dreams. We call Australia PR a dream because for many that is what it is. People dedicate most of their lives to being in a country that can develop and support them, however, sometimes one slip-up can destroy the entire foundation and we do not want that to happen. Therefore here is a guide on how to apply for an Australia PR.

Determine Visa Type

There are various visa types that can get you access to the Australia PR, based on your eligibility the right type must be selected. The following are the most popular methods:

  • Skilled Independent – This visa is beneficial for those who possess skills that the Australian government are seeking
  • Skilled Nominated – This is when an individual is nominated as per skill by an institute or citizen of Australia
  • Skilled Work Regional – The following has to be a nomination or sponsorship by a state, region or territory

The steps below are considering a skilled independent visa but the steps for the other visa types wouldn’t differ a whole lot.

Check Eligibility 

The first step is to check if you are eligible for the PR, few checklists have to be passed in order to be eligible. The things that come under the Australia PR requirement are as follows:

  • The occupation you are doing or going to Australia for must be listed under the Skilled Occupation list
  • The age should be below 45
  • Overall points from the point grid should be a minimum of 65
  • Languages test scores should be; IELTS 7 or above, TOEFL 25 or above, and PTE 65 or above

Skill Assessment Report

If you are eligible then the next step to attaining an Australian PR would be a skill assessment by ‘SkillSelect’, which is an online portal. After answering a few questions and submitting certain documents the report should be finalised in 8-10 weeks.
The evaluation criteria will be based on: 

  • Age
  • Education 
  • Work Experience
  • Language test scores 
  • Longevity of stay 

Expression Of Interest (EOI)

This is a statement showing that you are interested in utilising your skillset for the betterment of the place and yourself, and it is also a very crucial step for PR Visa Australia. The Expression Of Interest (EOI) can be submitted on the SkillSelect portal along with the skill assessment report. Your EOI will be scored based on the few questions and documents that are submitted which pertain to your background.

Invitation  To Apply (ITA)

If the EOI gets approved then the next step is to wait for an invitation to apply. This can take some while if the EOI does not have a good enough score based on assessment factors.  

Once the invitation is received then you can go ahead and apply for the visa. The visa application must be submitted within 60 days of the Invitation to apply.

Your visa application for an Australia PR will also require most of your official documents and passport for stamping. Once your visa gets approved, it is just a matter of booking tickets and flying over to Australia to start your new life.


Q1. Is it easy to get an Australia permanent residency visa?

Ans: To be completely honest, it is not a very easy task to attain an Australia PR especially if no one is present to guide you. It takes a long time and can be tedious, but it is still possible and so many are acquiring permanent residency in Australia. Focus on the goal, plan and research and it is very much doable easily and stress-free.

Q2. What does the Australia PR cost?

Ans: The cost for Australian residency is as follows:

  1. For a single applicant, the fees are around 4115 AUD or 226882 Indian Rupees
  2. For a dependent above the age of 18, it is 2055 AUD or 113303 Indian Rupees
  3. For a dependent below the age of 18, it is 1030 AUD or 56789 Indian Rupees

Q3. What are the base requirements for an Australian PR?

Ans: The Australia PR eligibility is assessed on the basis of points, the higher the points, the better the approval rates. The minimum required points are 65 and the maximum achievable points are 175. Here are the base requirements for a PR visa in Australia 

  • Age 
  • English proficiency tests 
  • Work experience (In and outside Australia)
  • Education 
  • Skilled spouse 
  • Application without a spouse or spouse is an Australian citizen

Q4. How long does it take to get an Australian PR?

Ans: If all the pre-requites are completed beforehand then the processing time for the different PRs are as follows

Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent) takes around 8-9 months

Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated) takes around 6.5 to 8 months

Subclass 489/491 (Skilled Work Regional) takes around 12-14 months

These can vary based on a lot of other factors too when applying for a permanent residency in Australia.

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